The direct translation of an original Arameic manuscript

written by Judas Iscariot, Immanuel`s disciple.

It was found in 1963 in Immanuel`s gravechamber.













In the year 1963 a Greek-catholic priest found this manuscript in the form of scrolls. It was written in Arameic and was found under a stone slab in Immanuel`s real tomb, a rock cave.

The author of the scrolls was Judas Iscariot, a well-known disciple of Immanuel Jesus Christ, but mistakenly identified as a traitor.

For certain, the orthodox priesthood will attempt to denounce this manuscript and try to destroy it, in the same way as was done to many other manuscripts, to save their threatened faith. Similar to what has occurred previously, the publisher of this manuscript will also be exposed to pressure or persecution in order to protect “the true religion.”

The dark forces will proceed with great cunning and skill so that the manuscript will be regarded as untrue and mendacious, so that it can ultimately be destroyed. This has happened before to similar manuscripts, but the originals are in the Vatican library archives.

But religious fanatics will also clamour loudly in opposition to this manuscript, and use all means to attack the publisher, as has been the case throughout time. The reader need only recall the Inquisition when millions of people were bestially butchered by holy officials.

The present translation proves unambiguously, that the religious teachings of false doctrines are foreign to reality, and that they constitute indefensible and inferior work carried out by people who are either ignorant, spiritually deceived, fanatics, or unscrupulously power hungry. People who for more than two thousand years, without doubt or pangs of conscience, have led humanity astray, and murderously caused the bloodshed of millions of people.

But that being not enough, during the course of thousands of years, the adherents of this entity created an enormously large religious power which verged on controlling the world. The religions have, during the past thousands of years –through bloody and bestial murder-been able to advance and build the world`s strongest power structure, before which, even brutal and dictatorial regimes must yield.

Religion: a cover for the greatest power which feigns love but does not hesitate to literally rush headlong over it.

With the backing of the New Testament`s false teachings, the religious power has its fingers in the politics of all countries. Neither does it shy away from interfering in the most intimate family life of people-even into the bed-to dig up the dirt and ravage the utmost private secrets of people.

Now the time has finally come when it is possible to put an end to this way of handling things. The condition being that people use their common sense-think again- and devote themselves to Immmanuel`s genuine teachings. Surely, every single person who has accepted the false doctrines will impede this and attempt to prevent it, but the truth always wins over lies, even if that lie has existed for thousands of years. Regarding this, the manuscript says that the truth will provoke a worldwide catastrophe.

It is understandable that there will be a catastrophe, when you consider that religion has such great power. With this power they attempt to suppress the truth, which is directed against them, and probably they will not desist from new murders. Therefore, the publisher of this original manuscript, translated into German (Swedish, English) also risks all manner of attack. In 1975 alone, he was subjected to three assassination attempts.

Active followers of Immanuel`s true teaching, also run a risk. The man who found and translated the original writings, was at such risk that he retired from the church early and fled. He lived in an unknown location with the family that he later acquired. He did not let his name be known, and he did not hand over the original writings. Against a wow of silence that his name and place of residence would never be divulged, he gave the part translated into German, to a good friend, but it was only after 1974 that he was given permission to disperse the writings.

In 1963, the afore mentioned priest and his friend, visited Immanuel`s real tomb several times, which was by then filled with sand and earth. During the excavations they found a number of objects that confirmed the contents of the writings. Unfortunately, it has to be said, that the writings are incomplete, since several scrolls were totally unreadable or had fallen to pieces. Some parts are missing. Nevertheless, those that were preserved, deliver shocking evidence concerning the person Immanuel and his teaching-and how during the course of two thousand years- a false doctrine and a nest of lies beyond compare was created, in order to enable an unscrupulous religious power to be built up and later enslave humanity. It has rarely been possible for a single person to bring forth material and truths which clarify causality or at least give a glimpse of it. But if this, against all odds, does occur, powers immediately come into being, that not only know how to make the level of truth appear doubtful, but also seize every means to make the statements seem absurd. As soon as that which can explain causality and truth is made public, it most often happens, that thanks to the help of spiritual advisers, just these writings and books are withdrawn, confiscated, or destroyed, those very people who ought to lead humanity to the truth and a correct way of thinking.

Eduard Meier











Contents of Talmud Immanuel




Ch.1. Immanuel`s lineage

Immanuel`s birth

Ch.2. The Wise Men from the East

Ch.3. John the Baptist

Ch.4. Immanuel`s Arcanum

Ch.5. Sermon on the Mount

Ch.6. Alms




Ch.7. The Concept of Judgement


The Spiritual Will

Ch.8. The Healing of a Leper

The Centurion in Capernaum

Immanuel in Peter`s House

Concerning the Gravity of Dedication

The Healing of Two Possessed

Ch.9. The Healing of the Man with Palsy


The Fast

The Daughter of Jairus, the Woman with Dysentry

One Blind and Two Mute

The Great Harvest

Ch.10. The Calling of the Disciples

Ch.11. The Baptist`s Question

Testimony about the Baptist

Ch.12. About Marriage and Intercourse

Ch.13. Immanuel and the Sabbath

Ch.14. Judas Iscariot`s offence

Ch.15. The Significance of the Parables

The Weeds among the Good Fruit

The Mustard Seed

The Sourdough

The Treasure in the Field

The Fishing Net

In Nazareth

Ch.16. Herod and John the Baptist

The feeding of the Five Thousand

The Walk on the Waters

Ch.17. Human Commands and the Laws of Creation

Ch.18. The Pharisees` Request for a Sign

The Sourdough of the Pharisees

Peter`s Belief

The Prophecy of Suffering

Ch.19. The Childlike Nature

The Errant Neighbour

Ch.20. Marriage, Divorce, Celibacy

The Blessing of Children

Ch.21. Two Blind Men

Ch.22. Entry into Jerusalem

The Cleansing of the Temple

Return to Jerusalem

Ch.23. The Tax Penny


The most Important Commandment

Ch.24. Countering the Scribes and Pharisees

Ch.25. The Prophecy

Ch.26. Reflections on Wisdom

Saul`s Erroneous Teaching


Ch.27.The Agitation of the Disciples

In Bethany

The Last Supper

Ch.28. In Gethsemane

The Capture

Immanuel before the High Council

Ch.29. Peter`s Denial

The Suicide of Juda Ihariot

Before Pilate

Immanuel`s Sentence

Ch.30. The Burial

Ch.31. Immanuel`s Escape from the Grave

Immanuel`s Meeting with his Disciples

Ch.32. Immanuel`s Leave Taking


Ch.34. The Teaching of Creation

Ch.35. Cults Surrounding Immanuel

Ch.36. Humankind and Creation


Postscript and Explanations













Immanuel`s Talmud

By Judas Iscariot

1. This is the book and the secret of Immanuel, which means "God is with us" who is son of Joseph, who was son of Jacob, present day descendant of David, who was of Abraham`s breed and whose lineage goes back to Adam, the father of the earthly human race, who was begotten by Semjasa, leader of the Sons of Heaven, who are guardian angels of God, the great ruler over the travelers who came here from afar.
2. Semjasa, Son of Heaven and guardian angel of God, the great ruler over those who came here travelling from afar through the expanses of the universe, begat with an earthly woman, Adam, the primordial father of the white human race.
3. Adam took an earthly woman and fathered Seth.
4. Seth begat Enos
5. Enos begat Akibeel
6. Akibeel begat Aruseak
7. Aruseak begat Kenan
8. Kenan begat Mahalaleel
9. Mahalaleel begat Urikabahameel
10. Urikabahameel begat Jared
11. Jared begat Henoch
12. Henoch
13. begat Methusalah
14. Methusalah begat Lamech
15. Lamech begat Tamiel
16. Tamiel begat Danel
17. Danel begat Asael
18. Asael begat Samsaveel
19. Samsaveel begat Jomjael
20. Jomjael begat Turel
21. Turel begat Hamech
22. Hamech begat Noah
23. Noah begat Sem
24. Sem begat Arpachsad
25. Arpachsad begat Ramuel
26. Ramuel begat Askeel
27. Askeel begat Armers
28. Armers begat Salah
29. Salah begat Eber
30. Eber begat Peleg
31. Peleg begat Regu

32. Regu begat Serug
33. Serug begat Araseal
34. Araseal begat Nahor
35. Nahor begat Tara
36. Tara begat Abram
37. Abram begat Isaak
38. Isaak begat Jacob
39. Jacob begat Juda
40. Juda begat Anani
41. Anani begat Ertael
42. Ertael begat Perez
43. Perez begat  Hezron
44. Hezron begat Ram
45. Ram begat Aminadab
46. Aminadab begat Savebe
47. Savebe begat Nahesson
48. Nahesson begat Sahna
49. Sahna begat Boas
50. Boas begat Obed
51. Obed begat Jesse
52. Jesse begat David
53. David begat Salomo
54. Salomo begat Asa
55. Asa begat Gadaeel
56. Gadaeel begat Josaphat
57. Josaphat begat Jora
58. Jora begat Armeneel
59. Armeneel begat Usia
60. Usia begat Jothan
61. Jothan begat Gadreel
62. Gadreel begat Ahas
63. Ahas begat Itiskia
64. Itiskia begat Mamasse
65. Mamasse begat Amon
66.  Amon begat Josia
67. Josia begat Jojachin
68. Jojachin begat Sealtheil
69. Sealtheil begat Jequn
70. Jequn begat Serubabel
71. Serubabel begat Abiud
72. Abiud begat Eliakim
73. Eliakim begat Asor
74. Asor begat Zadok
75. Zadok begat Achim
76. Achim begat Eliud
77. Eliud begat Eleaser
78. Eleaser begat Matthan
79. Matthan begat Jacob
80. Jacob begat Joseph
81. Joseph was Maria`s, Immanuel`s mother`s husband, she who became pregnant by a distant descendant of the Son of Heaven Rasiel, the guardian angel of secrets.

82. When Joseph found out that Maria had become secretly pregnant by a descendant of the Son of Heaven Rasiel`s lineage, behold, then his anger was lit and he thought of abandoning Maria before he became betrothed to her in front of the people.
83. But while Joseph was thinking thus, behold, a guardian angel revealed himself, sent by the Son of Heaven Gabriel, through whom Maria had become pregnant and he spoke saying
84. "Joseph, Maria is betrothed to you and you shall be her mate, do not abandon her, the fruit of her womb is destined to become something great, become publicly betrothed to her so that you may be man and wife before of the people.
85. And behold, Maria`s pregnancy occurred 11000 years after the Son of Heaven, Semjasa, begat Adam, so that the word of God, ruler of the travelers who came here from afar, and spoken through the prophet Esaias, might be fulfilled, he said
86. “Behold, a virgin shall become with child by a Son of Heaven even before she is betrothed to a man before of the people.
87. The fruit of her womb shall be given the name Immanuel, which is the same as "God is with us,” as a symbol and in God`s honour, through whose power and providence the earth is seeded with intelligent human life by mating earthly women to Sons of Heaven, those who came from far out in the universe.
88. Behold, God and his escort came from far away, from the depths of
All, where they freed themselves from harsh bondage, and they created, together with the women of this Earth, a new race and a new home.
89. People on Earth ought to honour God, because he is the real creator of the white earthly human race, and to him honour should be given.
90. Besides him, nothing exists of similar form, for this type of people who were created by him. Therefore, these people should not attempt to occupy other places than earth.

91. Besides God, nothing exists of similar form which is worthy of
worship. Over him and his Sons of Heaven reigns only the power of all
creation, Creation itself, which should be accorded the highest praise and honour.
92. Behold, God reigns over the Earth, Lord of the Sons of Heaven and this white race of people.
93. God is the one who establishes the laws for this human race and his
wishes shall be fulfilled by both man and woman.
94. God, the Lord is magnanimous in his love but also fearsome in his anger if his laws are treated with disdain.
95. Thus, Maria`s pregnancy is God`s law, and you Joseph, must be her mate as betrothed."

Immanuel`s Birth

96.When Joseph heard this, he realized his piety before God`s laws, wherefore he took Maria as his own and became betrothed to her in front of the people.
97. But at that time, a decree went out from Caesar Augustus, that each and everyone should be signed up for taxation.
98. This was the very first taxing of its kind, and it happened at the time
when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.
99. And everyone went, each to his own city to be taxed.
100. And Joseph also set out from the city of Nazareth in Galilee, together with his mate Maria, to David`s city in Judaea, which was Bethlehem, since he was of the house and lineage of David.
101. To let himself be signed up for taxation, together with his espoused wife Maria who was with child by the Son of Heaven Gabriel of Rasiel`s lineage.
102. And while they were there the time came for her to give birth.
103. But they did not find lodgings, so they spent the night in a stable.

104. And Maria gave birth to her firstborn son in the hay, and wrapped him in a cloth and laid him in a manger by the cattle, because there was no room for them at the inn.




Chapter 2

The Wise Men from the East


1. When Immanuel was born in the stable in Bethlehem at the inn in Judaea, at the time of Herod Antipas, Tetrach of Galilee and Pere’en, behold, then came the wise men from the East and said

2. “Where is the newborn Wisdom King of the Jews? We saw a powerful light in the heavens and heard a voice that said

3.”Follow the ray of light, for the Wisdom King of the Jews is born, the one who brings with him great knowledge.”

4. Therefore we have come to worship the newborn King of Wisdom.

5. He shall have God`s knowledge and be a son to the Son of Heaven Gabriel.

6. His knowledge shall be boundless and his power shall rule over the minds of human kind so that they shall gain knowledge and serve Creation.”

7. When Herod Antipas heard this he was frightened and all of Jerusalem with him, since they feared that the newborn child would be able to exercise terrible power.

8. Herod Antipas gathered all the high priests and scribes in the populace and sought to hear from them where this Immanuel was supposed to have been born.

9. And they said to him, “In Bethlehem in Judaea, for it is written by the prophet Micha

10. “And you Bethlehem in Judaea, you are in no way the least among the cities of the Jews, because from you shall come the King of Wisdom, who brings with him great knowledge to the people of Israel, so that they shall receive knowledge and serve Creation.”

11. Then Herod Antipas secretly called the wise men and found out precisely when the powerful light with the long trail was seen in the heavens.

12. And showed them towards Bethlehem and said, “Go there and search keenly for the little child, and when you find it let me know, so that I also can come and worship.”

13. Now that they had heard Herod Antipas, they set off, and behold, the light with the long trail, that they had seen in the East, ran before them with a loud whirring sound until it stopped in Bethlehem right above the stable.

14. And when they saw this, they were overjoyed.

15. And they went into the stable and found the little child and its mother Maria and Joseph. And they fell down and worshipped it and brought forth their gifts, which were gold, incense and myrrh.

16. But again the voice from the light high above was heard, saying to them that they should not return to Herod Antipas for he had evil plans for the child.

17. And they took another road back to their land.

18. But when the three wise men had left, behold, the Son of Heaven Gabriel revealed himself to Joseph and said

19. “Arise, and take the child and its mother Maria with you, and flee to the land of the Egyptians and stay there until I give the word, for Herod Antipas is thinking of searching for the child and killing it, since he fears that the newborn could come to exercise terrible power.

20. While you stay in Egypt, I will send my representative to Herod Antipas to inform him of the truth.”

21. And Joseph arose and took the little child and its mother with him in the night, and departed under the Son of Heaven Gabriel`s guidance, into the descending light which fled with them to the land of the Egyptians.

22. And they stayed there until Herod Antipas changed his attitude and recovered from his fear.

23. When Herod Antipas realized that he need not fear the boy child, and that he had been spoken to truthfully and wisely, he no longer felt threatened in his land, and therefore he promised the Son of Heaven Gabriel`s messenger, that he would no longer persecute Maria and Joseph and Immanuel.

24. But when Herod Antipas and his followers had changed their mindset, behold, the Son of Heaven Gabriel again appeared to Joseph in the land of the Egyptians and he said

25.”Arise and take the little child and its mother Maria with you, and go into Israel`s land, they have changed their way of thinking, all those who sought the child`s life.”

26. And Joseph arose and took the little child and its mother Maria and again went into the light which had returned, and which brought them to Israel.

27. The Son of Heaven Gabriel led them back to the land of Galilee.

28. There they settled in the town which is called Nazareth, so that it could be fulfilled as was spoken by the prophets, “Immanuel shall be called The Nazarene.”





Chapter 3

John the Baptist


1. In those days John the Baptist came, preaching on the shores of Jordan at the edge of the desert.

2. John the Baptist preached baptism according to God`s old commandment through which the way to knowledge would be prepared.

3. And that God`s commandment should be adhered to, as he was the sole ruler over this human race.

4. But above him was Creation, the birther of worlds, universes and living beings.

5. That this genderless Creation was the secret of secrets, life and death, light and darkness, being and not being.

6. And that God, The Lord, ruler of this human race and the travellers from afar, the Sons of Heaven, feared and honoured Creation.

7. And all Judaea and all the people in Jerusalem went out to John the Baptist, and confessed to the knowledge of God`s commandment and let him baptize them in Jordan.

8. But he, John, wore a gown of camel hair and a leather girdle round the hips, and his food was locusts and wild honey.

9. When he was baptizing the multitudes, a number of Pharisees and Sadducees also came to him and they humiliated him with ill talk.

10. But John the Baptist said “You vipers` spawn, who has informed you that you would escape the coming wrath when your false teachings are exposed?

11. See to it that you make improvements that bear proper fruit and teach the truth.

12. Desist from your disastrous false teaching, which you practice in arrogance and lust for power and greed.

13. Do not think that you can say between yourselves “Abraham is our father.”

14. I tell you, God is able, through his knowledge and power, to wake up children of Abraham from these stones, for he knows the secret of Creation.

15. Already the axe is laid at the root of the tree. Therefore, every tree which does not bear fruit will be hewn down and cast into the fire.

16. You vipers` spawn, within two times a thousand years, you and your arrogance, and power lust, and money hunger, will be annihilated and punished for the lie.

17. When the human race begins to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

18. When your false teachings will be laughed at, and humanity finds the truth.

19. When the human race builds the singing light and fire wagons, with which also people can travel out into space, like God and his escort, the Sons of Heaven, do.

20. Those that teach us about the wisdom and knowledge of Creation.

21. Those that advised us to obey the laws of nature and to live by them.

22. And you decrepits, you vipers` spawn, get away from here, for you are unclean and condemned in your false doctrine.

23. Get away from here, for my will suffices only to baptize you with water for repentance and betterment, but he that comes after me is mightier than I, I am not even worthy to take off his shoes, he shall baptize you  with the message of the spirit and the fire of truth.

24. And he has his flail in his hand and he shall sweep his barn and gather the wheat in his storehouse, but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.

25.For the lie never withstands the truth, which destroys the evil in its fire.”

26. But while John spoke thus, behold, at that time Immanuel came from Galilee to Jordan to John, so he could be baptized by him.

27. But John admonished him, saying “I should be baptized by you for you are more skilled than I, and you come to me?”

28. But Immanuel replied, saying “Let it be so now, for we must fulfill all righteousness since we are both earthly sons.”

29. Then John allowed it and baptized him.

30. And when Immanuel had been baptized he straightaway rose out of the water, and behold, then a metallic light dropped from heaven and fell over Jordan.

31. And then they all fell on their faces and buried them in the sand, while a voice spoke from the metallic light

32. “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. He will become the King of Truth who will lift this human race to knowledge.”

33. And behold, Immanuel proceeded into the metallic light, which under fire and smoke rose heavenwards and slid away over the Dead Sea, so that soon also the singing from the metallic light was silent.

34. After that Immanuel was not seen for forty days and forty nights.





Chapter 4

Immanuel`s Arcanum


1. And from that day on, Immanuel no longer stayed among the children of this human race.

2. He was put down by the metallic light between North and West, where the guardian angels had received lines with which they could measure out the place for the chosen ones.

3. Immanuel was lifted up from the Earth, and no one knew where he had been lifted up to, and neither what had befallen him.

4. Then he lived forty days and forty nights between the winds North and West, where he received the Arcanum of knowledge.

5. During this time he spent his days with the wise saints of God and with the guardian angels, the Sons of Heaven.

6. Who taught him wisdom.

7. God`s supremacy over this human race and his Sons of Heaven.

8. The omnipotence of the Creator of universes.

9. The immortality of the spirit through rebirth.

10. There he also met the first fathers, the holy ones from primordial times, who at that time fathered the human race, The Sons of Heaven.

11. From there he went Northwards, away from the end of the Earth, where the metallic light and fire wagons dropped from the heavens, or screechingly rushed upwards swathed in smoke and fire.

12. And out there by the edge of the world, he saw something great and glorious,

13. He saw the gates of Heaven open, of which there were three different.

14. Huge as the surface of the Dead Sea by Jordan, shone the gates of Heaven in the brightest sunshine.

15. Therein shone the whole of the land of Israel, living and real, people and animals and everything that existed there.

16. In this Heavenly gate no secret remained hidden, for the sunshine penetrated into the smallest corner in each hut and revealed the most confidential.

17. In the other Heavenly gate, lay enormous mountains, whose tops reached into the sky and disappeared among the clouds.

18. Down to far below, lay large amounts of deep snow, at the edge of which, another human race with brown skin colour built their huts.

19. The third gate of Heaven, revealed a land of immense size, mountainous, traversed by rivers, lakes, and seas, where yet another race of people lived.

20. Not far from these three gates of Heaven, was built the palace of God, for Him who is ruler of these human races, and of those who travelled from afar, the Sons of Heaven, the guardian angels.

21. In His palace, God ruled over the three human races brought forth by Him, and over His followers, the Sons of Heaven,

22. Immortal and primordial, He was of giant stature, like the Sons of Heaven.

23. In God`s palace, two enormous men, whose like he had never seen on Earth, revealed themselves to Immanuel.

24. Their faces shone like the sun, their eyes were like burning torches, from their mouths fire spewed, their clothing looked like spreading foam, and their arms were like golden wings.

25. They lived in a world that was their own, since this world had killed them.

26. These two Pleiadian men, were holy teachers, together with two smaller men, whose speech proclaimed them Baawi men.

27. They said “People have come from Heaven to Earth, and people have been raised up from Earth to Heaven.

28. The people that came from Heaven, have stayed a long time on Earth, and produced the intelligent human races.

29. Behold, the children of humanity brought forth by the Sons of Heaven, were curiously unlike the old earthly people.

30. They were not like the earthly people, the children resembled the angels of Heaven and were of a different nature.

31. Their body was white as snow and red as a rose, and hair and beard was white as wool, and their eyes were beautiful.

32. The human races will retain the heritage of this beauty, and carry it forward.

33. But during the course of hundreds and thousands of years, they will join together with other human races from Earth and Heaven, so that they will create new human races and special breeds, just like the Sons of Heaven did with the earthly people.

34. Immanuel, you are one who possesses knowledge, born of our lineage, of a Son of Heaven.

35. With your knowledge, you will make the impossible possible, and carry out things that humanity will call miracles.

36. You know the power of the spirit but beware of misusing it.

37. Your wise knowledge, which you attained through us, shall serve the best interest of the human race, but the way will be very difficult both for them and for you.

38. You will be misinterpreted and denied, for humankind is still ignorant and inclined towards superstition.

39. They believe that God is Creation itself, and not the ruler of the Sons of Heaven and these human races.

40. Earthly people attribute to Him, the omnipotence of Creation, and glorify Him as Creation itself.

41. But God is human like all Sons of Heaven and the human race, only spiritually, immeasurably greater than them.

42. But Creation is immeasurably higher than God, the Lord of the Sons of Heaven and the human race, for Creation is the unfathomable secret.

43. Also you, Immanuel, they will insult as God and His only born son, and even you they equate to the mysterious Creator.

44. But do not let these erroneous teachings worry you, for thousands of years will pass before the children of the human race will come to understand the truth.

45. Much human blood will flow for your sake, yours as well as countless generations.

46. But in spite of this, you must fulfill your mission as King of Wisdom, as son of the Son of Heaven, Gabriel.

47. In God`s name, the law was established, that you be born, so you could serve as prophet and pioneer of the wise knowledge for these human races.

48. Fulfill your mission steadfastly, countering all foolishness and all false teachers, and the scribes and Pharisees, and even the doubting people.

49. In this way, centuries will pass and two thousand years, after you have fulfilled your mission, before the truth of your knowledge, that you have informed the people about, will be realized and dispersed by some children of humanity.

50. Not before the time of the heaven storming machines, will the truth break through, and thereby, the false teaching that you should be God`s son or the Creator, will slowly be weakened.

51. When we, the Sons of Heaven, start to show ourselves again to humankind, since they will have become knowledgeable, and with the power they have gained, threaten the system of heaven.”

52. Thus spoke the Sons of Heaven, between North and West, before they took Immanuel back to Israel in the metallic light, to the land of Galilee.

53. Now that Immanuel heard that John the Baptist had been thrown into jail, he left the town of Nazareth, arrived in, and settled in Capernaum, which is by the lake in Sebulons and Naphtilis land.

54. From that time on, Immanuel started preaching and said “Repent and turn to truth and knowledge, for only they give life.”

55. Now, when Immanuel walked by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon called Peter and Andrew his brother, who cast their net into the sea, for they were fishermen.

56. And he spoke to them and said “Follow me, I will teach you the knowledge and make you fishers of men.”

57. Immediately they left their net and followed him.

58. And when he continued on from there, he saw two other brothers, James, the son of Zebedee, and John his brother, who were in a boat with their father Zebedee, mending their nets.

59. Immediately, they left the boat and their father and followed him.

60. And Immanuel went about in all the land of Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the knowledge of the spirit, and healing all sickness and all suffering among the people.

61. And the news of him resounded over all the land of Syria, and they brought to him the sick that were taken with diverse diseases and torments, those possessed, the lunatics, and those that had the palsy, and he healed them.

67. And great multitudes of people followed him from Galilee, from Decapolis, from Jerusalem, from Judaea, and from beyond Jordan.



Chapter 5

Sermon on the Mount


1. But when Immanuel saw the multitudes that followed him, he went up on a mountain and sat down, and his disciples came to him.

2. And he taught them, saying,

3. “Blessed are the rich in spirit who realize the truth, for life is theirs.

4. Blessed are those who mourn, for in this way they learn to know the truth, and they shall be comforted.

5. Blessed are the meek, for they shall attain knowledge.

6. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for truth and knowledge, for they shall be filled.

7. Blessed are those who live by the Laws of Nature for they live according to the plan of Creation.

8. Blessed are those of clear conscience, for they need not fear.

9. Blessed are those who believe in Creation, for they do not blindly obey a false teaching.

10. Blessed are the righteous, for they obey Nature.

11. Blessed are you, when humankind, for my sake and for our teachings sake, revile you, and persecute you, and untruthfully speak all manner of evil against you.

12. Rejoice and be comforted, life and the next life, will greatly reward you, for thus they persecuted the prophets who came before you.

13. You are the salt of the earth, if salt loses its savour, with what would you then salt?

14. You are the light of the world, a city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.

15. Neither do you light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick, so it gives light for all that are in the house.

16. So shall your light shine for humankind, that they see your good deeds, and realize the truth in your knowledge.

17. Think not, that I am come to abolish the law of the prophets, I have not come to abolish, but to fulfill, and to demonstrate the knowledge.

18. For truly I say to you, until Heaven and Earth perish, nothing shall perish, not even the smallest letter or dot in the Law of Creation or the Law of Nature, before everything comes to pass.

19. The one who dismantles the least Law or commandment and teaches people falsehoods, he shall be called the least, but the one who truthfully spreads the teaching, he shall be called great and receive the gratitude of the spirit.

20. For I say to you, if your righteousness should not be better than that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will not receive the gratitude of the spirit and of life.

21. You have heard that it was said to those of old. Thou shall not kill, and whosoever kills, shall be guilty in court.

22. But I say to you, practice righteousness according to the Law of Creation, then you will find the judgement in the logic.

23. Guilty are all, who do not act in self-defence or by lawful decree, whether they kill, or speak, or act with ill intent.

24. Only if a judgement adheres to the natural Laws of Creation, is it elevated to logic.

25. Do not give in to your opponents, if you have right on your side, then the judge must probably decide in your favour.

26. Truly I say to you, you will not find justice before you can find it yourself, and make yourself understood to your neighbour.

27. You have heard it said. Thou shall not commit adultery.

28. But I say to you, the one who lies with someone other than their own mate, he or she shall be turned over to the court, for it is unworthy of humans, despicable, and violates the Laws of Nature.

29. But if your right or left eye seduces you, the pluck it out and cast it from you, it is better for you that you destroy one of your limbs and not the whole body.

30. If a thought seduces you, then crush it and drive it out of your mind, it is better that you destroy one seductive thought, than the whole thought process be brought into uproar.

31. It is also said. The one who divorces his or her spouse, shall issue a divorce letter, but I say to you, if someone separates from their companion, it has to be due to infidelity, that breaks up the marriage.

32. The one who marries an adulterer, also commits adultery.

33. Again you have heard it said to those of old. You shall not swear falsely, and you shall keep your oath before God.

24. But I say to you, swear not at all, neither by heaven, for it is infinite and immeasurable

35. Neither by the Earth, for it is transitory, neither by Jerusalem, for it is a transitory city, built by human hand.

36. Neither shall you swear by your head, for you cannot alter the colour of even one hair.

37. Swear neither by the memory of a person or a thing, for they are perishable.

38. Your speech, shall in every case be only Yes, Yes or No, No, anything other is contrary to the Laws.

39. You have heard it said an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

40. But I say to you, practice righteousness according to the natural Laws of Creation, then you will find the judgement within its logic.

41. Give love where it is justified, and punishment where the Laws of Nature require it.

42. Give to the one who asks honestly, and turn from the one who would cheat you.

43. You have heard it said. Love your neighbour and hate your enemy. 44. But I say to you. Practice love and understanding according to the natural Laws of Creation, in its logic you will find the right behavior and the right feeling.

45. Give love where it is justified and contempt where the Laws of Nature demand it.

46. You should be clever and learn the knowledge, for you shall be perfected in spirit, like Creation who created you.

47. You shall, during the course of the coming lives, school your spirit and let it be perfected, so you become one with Creation.



Chapter 6

Alms, Fasting, Treasure, Welfare


1. Pay attention to your piousness, so that you practice it before the people with the right words, so that you will not be insulted as liars, for then you will not win any progress with them.

2. Choose your words with natural logic, and in accordance with Natures` knowledge and workings.

3. If you give alms, do not blow your own trumpet about it, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the alleyways, so that they will be praised by people. Truly I say to you, thereby they have their reward, for alms are only selfishness.

4. And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites who like to stand and pray in the synagogues and on street corners, so that they only pray for their own selfish sake, and to be seen by the people.

5. And when you pray, call on the almightiness of the spirit, and do not use vain repetitions as the foolish and egotistical, who think they will be heard if they use a lot of words.

6. The human spirit does not need many words, but on the contrary, knowledge of its own greatness.

7. Pray therefore, to the Almightiness of the spirit, in the certainty that its greatness and power is infinite.

8. If you are not successful in praying directly to the Almightiness of spirit, then use a sacred object as a help through which you reach the spirit.

9. But never copy the foolish, the hypocrites, and the selfish who worship a sacred object in the belief that the Almightiness of spirit lives there.

10. Be assured, that even through a sacred object, it is always in yourselves that the Almightiness of the spirit lives.

11. Pray therefore, like someone knowledgeable, and pray therefore in this way.






17. For when you pray to your spirit, it will give you what you pray for, if you believe with certainty, you will receive it.

18. But if you believe in the false teaching, that the power and the spirit do not live in yourself, then you will be without conviction, and live in spiritual poverty.

19. You will indeed, now and again, receive what you pray for through meaningless sacred objects, idols, and false deities, but then you only receive through a strong false belief, without understanding the real truth and knowledge, for also they receive in honesty.

20. When you fast, be not as the hypocrites, of a cross countenance, for they disfigure their faces that they might be seen by the people to be fasting. Surely, I say to you, they have their reward in that, for they fast only selfishly and for appearances sake.

21. But when you fast, anoint your skin and wash your face.

22. So that you do not make a show in front of the people with your fasting, but only before your own spirit which is in the hidden.

23. As you are fasting for the sake of your own health, and to strengthen your spirit and expand your knowledge.

24. Gather not up for yourselves, great treasures on Earth, where moths and rust devour them and where thieves break through and steal.

25. But gather your treasures in the spirit, where neither rust nor moths corrupt, and where thieves do not break through and steal.

26. For where your treasure is, there is also your heart, and the true treasure is Wisdom and Knowledge.

27. The eye is the light of the body, if your eye is clear, your whole body will be light.

28. But if your eye is evil, your whole body will be dark. If the light inside you is dark, how deep will not the darkness be?

29. No one can serve two masters, he will either hate the one or love the other. You cannot serve your spirit and mammon.

30. Therefore I tell you, take care of the knowledge of your spirit, and of what you will eat and drink, and provide for your body, what you will wear, for is not the spirit, life, and the body, better than all the treasures in the world?

31. The human spirit which thirsts for truth and knowledge, cannot support the earthly life without the body, for they are all one.

32. Therefore, people ought to increase the knowledge of their spirit, respect the Laws of life, and provide food and drink and clothing for the body.

33. Behold the birds in the sky, they do not sow, they do not reap, they do not gather into barns, yet Creation feeds them. Are you not much better than they?

34. Behold the birds in the sky, they eliminate the harmful insects and have their plumage, but on the other hand they do not have a spirit. They work, since their duty demands it, and they are fed and clothed by Creation. Are you not much better than they?

35. You can think independently thanks to your free spirit, you can work independently, and you can prepare food and drink, and clothe your body independently.

36. Consider the lilies in the pond, how they grow, they do not toil, they do not spin, but truly I say to you, also the lilies fulfill their duty when they delight the eye with their beauty.

37. I tell you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

38. Wherefore, if Creation feeds and clothes the grass in the field, which stands today, and tomorrow is cast in the oven, should you then not do much more for yourselves?

39. The grass fulfills its duty in that it serves as fodder and as heating, but are you not much better than the grass? Oh, you of little faith.

40. Therefore, you shall take care of the spirits` wisdom and knowledge, and that you will not lack food, drink and clothing, for truly I say to you, if you suffer from hunger, thirst and nakedness, then wisdom and knowledge will be displaced by worry.

41. Seek first the Kingdom of your spirit and its knowledge, and afterwards to refresh your body with food, drink and clothing.

42. Therefore, be prepared for the next day, for the morrow shall not on its own take care of you. It is enough that every day has its torment, you need not also suffer in your physical wellbeing.



Chapter 7

The Concept of Judgement


1. Judge not falsely, that you be not falsely judged.

2. For with what judgement you judge, you shall be judged. And with what measure you mete, you will be measured.

3. Judge by the logic in the Laws of Nature that are of Creation, for only they have their truth and their correctness.

4. But why do you see the splinter in your brother`s eye, and are not aware of the beam in your own eye?

5. Or how can you say to your brother, look, let me pull the splinter out of your eye, and behold, a beam is in your own eye.

6. You hypocrites, first cast out the beam from your own eye, and then see how you may remove the splinter from your brother`s eye.

7. First learn the Laws of Nature and the Laws of Creation, their logic, before you correct and judge and see the fault in your neighbour.

8. Learn first to realize your own faults, according to the Laws of Nature and the Laws of Creation, so that you later can assist in removing the fault in your neighbour.

9. Give not that which is holy to the dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them to pieces under their feet, and turn on you and rend you. For surely I say to you

10. Cast not your spiritual goods in the dirt, and waste them not on the undeserving, for they will not thank you, and they tear you to pieces, for their intellect is limited and their spirit weak.



11. Ask and it shall be given you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you.

12. For those who ask their spirit, receive, and those who seek through the power of their spirit, find, and those who in their spirit, knock, to them it will be opened.

13. Who is there among you, who gives his son a stone when he asks for bread?

14. Or when he asks for a fish, will you give him a serpent?

15. If then you, who yet are evil, can give your children good gifts, how much more then, shall your spirit not give you when you ask it for it?


The Spiritual Will


16. All that you would have people do unto you, you shall also do unto them, this is the Law and the prophets.

17. Enter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to condemnation, and they are many who tread it.

18. And that gate is narrow and the way is cramped, which leads to life and knowledge, and few are those that find it.

19. Beware of false prophets and scribes who come to you in sheep`s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves, who preach to you about humility in front of sacred objects, false deities, and gods, and who preach to you humility before idols and false teachers.

20. Beware of those who prohibit wisdom and knowledge, for they only speak to you to gain power over you and take all that you have and own.

21. By their fruits shall you know them, can you gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles?

22. In this way, every good tree brings forth good fruit but a rotten tree produces bad fruit.

23. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, and a rotten tree cannot bring forth good fruit.

24. Therefore, by their fruits shall you know them.

25. Therefore, whosoever hears these sayings of mine, and acts accordingly, I will liken to a wise man who built his house upon a rock.

26. And when heavy rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat upon that house, it did not fall, for it was well grounded on the rock.

27. And whosoever hears these sayings of mine, and does not act accordingly, he is like a foolish man who built his house on sand.

28. And when the heavy rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat upon the house, it fell, and heavy was its fall.”

29. And it came to pass, when Immanuel had ended these sayings, the people were appalled by his teaching,

30. For he taught with authority, a new doctrine, and unlike the one of their scribes.



Chapter 8

Healing of a Leper


1. But when he went down from the mountain, great multitudes followed him.

2. And behold, a leper came and fell down before him, saying “Lord, if you will, you can cleanse me,”

3. And Immanuel stretched out his hand, touched him and said, “I will do it, be cleansed.”

4. And Immanuel said to him “Make sure you do not tell anyone about this, only go away and show yourself to the priest.

5. You who were healed through the power of the spirit and through the knowledge of wisdom.”


The Centurion in Capernaum


6. But when Immanuel entered Capernaum, a centurion came to him, beseeching him and saying,

7. “Lord, my servant lies at home sick of the palsy, grievously tormented,

8. Lord, I have heard your new teaching, and I believe in your wisdom which says that a persons` spirit can perform wonders through knowing the truth.”

9. Immanuel said to him “I will come and heal him.”

10. The centurion answered him, saying “Lord, I am not worthy that you should come under my roof, but speak the word only, and my servant will be healed.

11. For also I am a person of authority, having soldiers of war under me, and when I say to this man “Go away!” he goes, and to the other “Come here!” he comes, and to my servant  “Do it!” he does it.”

12. When Immanuel heard this, he marvelled, and said to those who followed him, “Truly I say to you, such faith I have not found in anyone in Israel.

14. But I say to you, many shall come from the East and from the West, and from the North, and they shall understand my teaching and realize the wisdom in the knowledge.

14. But the children of Israel will be banished to the darkness, there will be lamentation and gnashing of teeth.

15. The false teachings of Israel will be the cause of bloodshed for years to come, for Israel`s egoism and self-righteousness shall cause death and destruction in the whole land and in the whole world.

16. Distance yourselves from the authorities` and the scribes` false teaching, for they will be the downfall of generations of people.

17. Israel believes they are the chosen race, but by no means, for they betray their faith and doubt more than the heathens, who are without the secrets of the Law.”

18. And Immanuel said to the centurion “Go, as you have believed, so will it be done to you.” And his servant was healed in the same moment.


Immanuel in Peter`s House


19. And when Immanuel came into Peter`s house and saw that his mother in law was sick with the fever,

20. Then he took her hand and the fever left her, and she arose and served him.

21. But in the evening they brought many that were possessed to him, and he drove out the spirits with his word and healed them all.

22. That it might be fulfilled that was spoken by Esaias, the prophet, who said “He has given us the new teaching of knowledge and taken upon himself our weaknesses, and our diseases he has healed.”


Concerning the Gravity of Dedication


23. And when Immanuel saw the great multitudes about him, he gave an order to depart to the other shore.

24. And a scribe came forward to him saying “Lord, I will follow you wherever you go.”

25. Immanuel said to him “The foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but I have nowhere to lay my head.

26. I have the task of teaching wisdom and knowledge, that is why I travel restlessly throughout the land.”
27. And another, one of his disciples said to him “Lord, let me go and bury my deceased father.”

28. But Immanuel said to him “Follow me and let the dead bury their dead.”


The Healing of the Two Possessed


29. And he arrived at the other shore in the region of Gergesenes, there he was met by two men possessed by devils, who came running out of the tombs, exceedingly fierce, so that no one could pass that way.

30. And behold, they cried out, saying “What do you want of us, you son of Gabriel, the Son of Heaven, have you come to torment us before time?”

31. But then the evil spirits in the possessed, beseeched him, saying “Lord, if you cast us out, let us go away into the herd of swine, which is in the pasture not far from here.”

32. And he said “Go then” and they rushed out and into the swine and behold, the whole herd rushed headlong down into the sea and drowned.

33. And the swineherders fled, and went into the city and told everything that had happened to the possessed.

34. And behold, the whole city came out to meet Immanuel, and when they saw him, they begged him to leave their area.



Chapter 9

The Healing of the Man with Palsy


1. Then he got in the ship and returned back to the other side, and entered his city.

2. And behold, they brought to him a man with the palsy, who lay on a bed. And Immanuel, seeing their faith, said to the sick man “Be comforted, for your faith in the power of my spirit, and your faith in my teachings of knowledge, which are the teachings of Nature and Creation, has helped you.”

3. And behold, some amongst the scribes, stirred up the people, saying “This man blasphemes against God and our holy teaching.”

4. But Immanuel, knowing their thoughts, said “Why do you think such evil against those who know better than you?

5. And which is easier to say, your faith has helped you, or to say, arise and walk?

6. But so that you may know that I am a person like you, only that I know how to make use of power of the spirit through my knowledge, I command this man with the palsy, arise, pick up your bed and go home.”

7. And he arose, took his bed and walked home.

8. When people saw this they became worried, and praised Immanuel`s wonderful new teaching which gave such power.




9. And when Immanuel went on from there, he saw a man called Matthew, sitting at the customs booth, and he said to him “Follow me,” and he arose and followed him.

10. And it came to pass, when he sat at the table at home, behold, many publicans, and ignorant folks, and truth seekers, came and sat with Immanuel and his disciples.

11. When the Pharisees saw this, they said to his disciples, “Why does your master dine with the publicans and the ignorant?”

12. When Immanuel heard that, he said “Those who are well, do not need physicians, but the sick do, and those who are knowledgeable do not need the teachings, but the ignorant do, and those who have not gone astray do not need instruction, but the lost do.

13. But go and make clear to yourselves, the falseness of your erroneous teachings, so that you do not deceive people who thirst for truth.”




14. Then the disciples of John came to him saying, “Lord, why do we and the Pharisees fast, but not you and your disciples?”

15. But Immanuel said to them “How can the ignorant fast, and endure suffering, as long as they are being taught the knowledge,

16. And how can the teacher fast, when he must teach knowledge to the ignorant?

17. Truly I say to you, your teaching is false if you fast due to the laws of your cult, fasting only serves the health of the body and the development of the spirit.

18. No-one mends and old garment with a patch of new cloth, for the patch wears away more of the garment, and the hole becomes bigger.

19. Neither do you put new wine into old bottles, else the bottles break, and the wine spills, and the bottles are destroyed, but you put new wine in new bottles so that both are preserved.



 The Daughter of Jairus, the Woman with the Bloody Flux


20. While he spoke to them thus, behold, one of those in charge of the gathering came and fell down before him, saying, “My daughter has just died, but come and lay your hand on her, then she will live.”

21. And Immanuel arose and followed him with his disciples.

22. And behold, the woman who had had dysentery for twelve years, came to him from behind, and touched the hem of his garment.

23. For she said to herself “Could I but touch his garment I would be healed.”

24. Then Immanuel turned around and saw her and said, “Be comforted, your faith has helped you.” And from that moment the woman was healed.

25. And when he came into the directors house, and saw the minstrels and the anxious people he said,

26. “Go away from here, for the maid is not dead, only sleeping.” And they laughed at him, scornfully.

27. But when the people had been driven out, he went inside and took her hand saying, “I command you, arise and walk.”

28. Then the maid arose and walked, and the fame thereof resounded over all that land.


One Blind and Two Mute


29. And when Immanuel departed from there, a blind man followed him shouting, “Oh, Lord, you son of wisdom and knowledge, you who can utilize the power of your spirit, have mercy on me.”
30. And when he arrived home, the blind man came up to him and Immanuel said to him “Do you believe that I can do such a thing?” Then he said to him “Yes, Lord.”

31. Then he touched his eyes and said “Let it be as you believe.”

32. And his eyes opened and he saw.

33. Then Immanuel, threatened him, saying, make sure no-one gets to know what happened.

34. But the man went out and spread abroad his fame in the whole country.

35. When he had left, behold, they brought to him two people who were mute and possessed by devils.

36. When the evil spirits were driven out, the mute spoke, and people marvelled and said “The like has never before been seen in Israel, how great is this new teaching about the power of the spirit, which can perform such wonders.”

37. But the Pharisees said, “He casts out the evil spirits through their prince, and he blasphemes against God our Lord.”

38. But between themselves they said “Who is this Immanuel? For he possesses greater knowledge and wisdom than we, his teaching is greater and truer than ours, so he is a danger to us, we must attempt to catch him and kill him.”


The Great Harvest


39. And Immanuel went about the cities and the towns teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the secrets of Creation and the Laws of Nature, and how the spirit becomes almighty.

40. He preached the Spiritual Kingdom in people, and healed all sickness and suffering.

41. And when he saw the people, he was moved with compassion for them, for they were scattered about like a herd of sheep without a shepherd.

42. Then he said to his disciples “The harvest is great, but the labourers are few.

43. Seek and pray in your spirit, that more labourers be sent forth for the harvest.”

44. And so it came to pass, that labourers for the harvest were given and they gathered around Immanuel`s disciples.



Chapter 10

The Disciples` Calling


1. And he called unto him his twelve disciples, and gave them the knowledge of how to control unclean spirits, to cast them out, and they healed all sickness and suffering.

2. Now the names of the twelve disciples are these; Simon who is called Peter, and Andrew, his brother James, the son of Zebedee, and John, his brother.

3. Phillip and Bartholomew, Thomas and Matthew, the publican, James, the son of Alpheus, and Thaddeus.

4. Simon the Canaanite, and Judas Iscariot, the only one apart from Immanuel who understood the scripture.

5. These twelve Immanuel sent forth, admonishing them and saying “Do not go into the streets of Israel, and do not go to the scribes and the Pharisees, but go to the cities of the Samaritans and to the heathens of all horizons in the whole world.

6. Go to the heathens and the ignorant, when I have left you, for they do not belong to the house of Israel, which shall cause death and bloodshed in the world.

7. Go out and preach and say “The Laws of Nature are the Laws of Creation and the power of the human spirit embodies life.

8. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out evil spirits. Freely you have received, freely you shall also give.

9. You shall not collect gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses.

10. Nor carry with you big bags, when you leave, to take food, drink and clothing.

11. Take with you only the bare necessities, so that you can eat and sleep on the way, and so that you can keep clean and change your clothes.

12. Do not carry too much, for you will strain yourselves and fall easy prey to highway robbers.

13. Consider further, that every work is worth its wage, and because you preach so diligently, and teach knowledge, you will lack nothing.

14. But when you enter a town or a city, inquire whether there is anyone there who is worthy, and stay with them until you leave.

15. And when you come into a house, salute it.

16. And if the house is worthy, your peace will come upon it, but if it is not worthy, your peace shall return to you.

17. And if someone does not receive you or listen to your words, then leave the house or the town and shake the dust off your feet.

18. Truly I say to you, do not linger in such places, for they are doubters and evil, and they will not understand the talk of truth and knowledge.

19. Avoid these places, for there they depart from Nature and they worship sacred objects, deities, gods and idols, but not Creation, so that neither do they follow its laws.

20. Avoid these places, for they will try to kill you, since they will not surrender their false teachings.

21. Avoid these non-believers, for you shall not lose your lives for the sake of truth and knowledge, no law desires that of you, and neither does there exist one that accepts such carelessness.

22. Truly I say to you, many will die and shed their blood in the sand, all the same, since my teachings in future will be turned into false teachings, which I never preached, and which stem from the minds of the scribes and priests.

23. For thereby to gain control over humanity, through the belief in their false doctrines, and in this way to steal from them all that they have and own.

24. All over the world there will be lamentation and gnashing of teeth, when the blood flows from all those who have turned my wisdom teachings and knowledge teachings into false teachings, and when the blood flows from all of those, who out of lack of belief and from having been misguided, believe in this false doctrine, and represent it, though it be not mine.

25. Many of these mistaken believers will lose their lives, like many of the people of Israel, who will never find peace before the end of the world, since they lack faith and deny the power of the spirit and knowledge.

26. Truly I say to you, the people of Israel were never one people, and they have always lived by killing, stealing, and burning. They took possession of this land by cunning and murder-by reprehensible and warlike plunder-so that they also butchered their best friends, and wild animals.

27. The people of Israel shall be condemned until the end of the world, and never shall they find peace.

28. Behold, I send you forth among the heathens as sheep amongst wolves, be you therefore wise as serpents, and free of falseness as doves.

29. But beware of people, for they will deliver you to the courts of law, and take you hostage in their synagogues.

30. And you shall be brought before governors and kings, as evidence for them and the heathens, because of my teachings.

31. If you cannot escape, but are delivered up, then do not be worried, for the power of the spirit will not leave you and the your knowledge tells you what to say,

32. For it is not you who speak, but the power of your spirit with its knowledge.

33. And you must endure hatred for my teachings sake, but the one who perseveres to the end, shall be great.

34. But if they persecute you in one city, then flee to another.

35. Do not expose yourselves to too much trouble with the cities of Israel, for truly I say to you, you will not be done with the people of Israel before the world ends.

36. For the disciple is not above his master, and the servant not above his lord.

37. It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord. If they have called the master of the house, Beelzebub, how much more shall they not call those of his household? 38. Beware therefore of Israel, for it is like a boil.

39. On the other hand, do not fear them, for nothing is hidden that shall not be revealed, and nothing is secret that shall not be known.

40. What I tell you in darkness you shall speak in light, and what is whispered in your ear you shall preach on the rooftops.

41. Do not be afraid of slander, but beware of those who kill body and life.

42. You should not think that I am come to bring peace on Earth, I am not come to bring peace, but to bring the sword that is knowledge of the power of the spirit which lives in man.

43. For I am come to bring wisdom and knowledge, and to stir up a man against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law, and the servant against his lord, and the citizen against the authorities, and the believer against his priest.

44. And a person`s own household will be her foes.

45. The way of the truth is long, and the wisdom of knowledge will only slowly sink in. Dark times will follow, hundreds and thousands of years, before the truth of the spirit will dawn on people.

46. Those who do not have faith and knowledge, shall show hatred towards those who are knowledgeable, and persecute them, and sow enmity, like the scribes and priests and authorities do.



Chapter 11

The Baptist`s Question


1. And it came to pass, when Immanuel had completed such a speech of admonition to his disciples, that he continued on from there, to teach and preach in their cities.

2. But when John, who was in prison, heard about Immanuel`s activities, he sent his disciples to ask him

3. “Are you the one who is to come, the King of Wisdom, that the prophets spoke of, or should we wait for another?”

4. Immanuel answered and said to them “Go on your way, and tell John what you hear and see.

5. The blind see, and the lame walk, lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and for those who seek, the truth of knowledge is preached.

6. And blessed are those who are not offended by my teaching.”


Testimony about the Baptist


7. When they went away, Immanuel began talking to the people about John. “What did you go out into the desert to see? Did you want to see a seed that blew hither and dither in the wind?

8. Or what did you go out to see? Did you want to see a person in white clothes? Behold, those who wear white are found in the royal family, among the authorities, the wealthy, and the hypocrites, the scribes and the priests.

9. Or why did you go out? Did you want to see a prophet? Yes, I tell you he is more than a prophet.

10. He is the one, about whom it is written “Behold, I send my messenger before you, he shall prepare the way ahead of you.”

11. Truly I say to you, amongst all those born of woman, there has not appeared one who is greater than John the Baptist.

12. But from the days of John the Baptist, up to now, the Earth suffers violence, and those who perpetrate violence, wear it down.

13. For all prophets and Laws, have prophesized up till the time of John.

14. And if you will believe it, he is that Elias, the one who is to come, in his future life.

15. He that has ears, let him hear!

16. But where unto shall I liken this generation? It is like children sitting in the square, calling to their playmates, saying,

17. “We have played to you and you did not want to dance, we have lamented to you and you did not want to mourn.”

18. John, Elias, has come, neither eating nor drinking, then they say “He is possessed.”

 19. But I am come, and then they say “Behold a glutton and a winebibber, a labourer for the publicans and the non-believers,” even though the wisdom is made evident through the deeds that are done.


In Praise of the Spirit and Knowledge


20. At that time Immanuel spoke, and he said “Praise be to the creator of Heaven and the universe and the Earth, who has hidden the knowledge and the power of the spirit, from the wise and clever, those who spread the false teachings, and only revealed it to the honest seekers.

21. Yes, it really is benevolent of Creation, and also of God and his Sons of Heaven, that they in this way put an end to the power which can be misused by the human races.

22. And now everything is left to humankind, and no-one knows the secret of Creation, not man and not God, nor his escort.

23. And everything has now been left to me by God, whose guardian angels taught me knowledge of Nature and its Laws, and taught me about the Laws that issue from Creation.

24. Therefore, come unto me, all you who seek and thirst for knowledge and truth, I shall refresh you.

25. Take on the yoke of learning the new teaching, for it is insight, then you will find peace within you for your life.

26. For the yoke of spiritual development is soft, and its burden light.”



Chapter 12

About Marriage and Intercourse


1. But it came to pass, that Immanuel began speaking about the Laws for marriage and things connected thereto.

2. The Law is given, thou shall not commit adultery.

3. Nevertheless, human beings commit adultery and live unchastely, so that they break the Laws of Nature.

4. It is also written, each and everyone who commits adultery or lives unchastely, shall be punished, for the culprits are not worthy of life and its Laws, therefore they should be deprived of their gender.

5. If a maiden and a youth lie together, they should also be punished, for the culprits are unworthy of life and its Laws, and therefore they should be deprived of their womanhood and their manhood.

6. But if two men lie together, they should also be punished, for the culprits are unworthy of life and its Laws, and they act heretically, wherefore they should be castrated, and expelled, and banished before the people.

7. But if two women lie together, they should not be punished, for they do not offend life and its Laws, since they are not fertilizers but birthers.

8. When semen mixes with semen, life is desecrated and killed, but if a fertile part mixes with a fertile part, then there is no desecration or killing or begetting.

9. Truly I say to you, there is no animal alive under the heavens, that is similar to humans, and that could offend the Laws of Nature, but are you not much better than the animals?

10. No animal is found under the heavens, where a male mates with a male, or likewise a female with a female, for both male and female obey the Laws of Nature.

11. But those who engage in prostitution for payment or pleasure, they should lose their manhood or womanhood and be banished before the people.

12. But the one who has intercourse with a child, is unworthy of his life and all Laws, and should be punished by death.

13. But the one who commits incest, is unworthy of life and its Laws, and should be punished by death.

14. But the one who has intercourse with an animal, is unworthy of life and its Laws, and should lose his gender and be expelled and banished before the people.

15. But the one who is betrothed to one guilty of divorce, man or woman, should lose their gender, for they are not worthy of life and its Laws, and should be both expelled and banished before the people.

16. But the one who begets a child without being betrothed to the woman, is unworthy of life and its Laws, and should be punished by death.

17. Truly, truly I say to you, these Laws are given by Creation and by Nature and they should be adhered to, otherwise humankind will, in the fullest extent, lead itself into death.

18. The Earth can feed and support five hundred million people, of all kinds, but if these Laws are not followed, then there will be ten times five hundred million people within two thousand years, and these the Earth can no longer support.

19. Famine and catastrophes, and huge worldwide wars, and pestilence will dominate the Earth, and the human races will kill each other, and only few shall survive.

20. Truly I say to you, there will be lamentation and gnashing of teeth, when so much human blood wets the sand of the Earth, that new life forms will arise therefrom and which ultimately shall fill humanity with dread.

21. But today, everything good has been allowed you, and you have been given the Laws you ought to live by.

22. And there are further Laws you should follow, so that you will have wellbeing on Earth, and peace within your families.

23. Stop enforcing the law, that the woman should be subservient to the man, for she is a human being as well as the man, with the same rights and obligations.

24. But if a man marries a woman, he should pay her most trusted administrators of her property, a price as surety, so she will not suffer a lack of the basic necessities.

25. The price should be calculated in this way, that for every year of the woman`s life, a hundred silver coins would apply, so that she is satisfied according to her knowledge and competence, and according to her ability, if her health does not fail her.

26. The price should not count as a purchase price, but as security for the woman, so she will not suffer any scarcity.

27. A betrothal between a man and a woman, should only be allowed if both have a clear understanding of, and are capable of a marriage according to the Laws.

28. A marriage agreement should thus only be completed, once the price for the woman is paid.

29. If, after the previous statements, no payment is forthcoming, the Law applies that the man must supply the woman with all necessities. The woman`s infertility is no reason for divorce, nor difference of opinion or behavior.

31. The only grounds for divorce are adultery, as well as harm or threats against the mind, body, or life of a family member.

32. A person who is found guilty of this, should lose their gender, for they are unworthy of life and its Laws, and they shall be expelled and banished before the people.

33. If everything is done this way, and is adhered to, peace and justice will break out among people, and life will be protected.




Chapter 13

Immanuel and the Sabbath


1. At that time, Immanuel walked on the Sabbath day, through a field of corn, and his disciples were hungry and they began picking the ears of corn and eating.

2. When the Pharisees saw this they said to him “Behold, your disciples do that which is not lawful on the Sabbath.”

3. But he said to them “Have you not read what David did, when he and those that were with him, became hungry?

4. How he went into a church and ate the showbread which was not lawful for him to eat, nor for them that were with him, but only for the priests.

5. Or have you not read in the Law, how on the Sabbath days, the priests in the temple profane the Sabbath, and still are blameless?

6. Truly I say to you, you spawn of snakes and vipers, sooner should stones turn to bread than work on the Sabbath be outlawed.

7. For the commandment that the Sabbath be sacred, is just a commandment without logic made by humans, in this way humankind have issued many commandments that are contrary to the Laws of Creation.

8. False prophets and writ distorters are to blame for these commandments that contradict the Laws of Nature.

9. It is thus a human fabrication that the Sabbath be sacred, and that no one be allowed to carry out a day`s work, a law without logic, for the commandment is a false teaching, thought up by humans.

10. Truly I say to you, no Sabbath is sacred and no law dictates that a day`s work should not be carried out on the Sabbath.

11. Thus, the Sabbath is a day like any other day where a day`s work may be done.

12. Human beings have free will, therefore they alone decide about the Sabbath, as it is already written in the scriptures of old and the Laws, the ones that were not corrupted by false prophets, and writ distorters, and Pharisees.”

13. And he went from there, onwards, into their synagogue, where he continued teaching the people.

14. And behold, there was a man with a withered hand, and they asked him “Is it lawful to heal even on the Sabbath?” that they might have something additional to accuse him of.

15. And he said to them “You hypocrites, if you had eyes, ears and sense, then you would see, hear, and understand, but you are blind and without reason, for you lack the ability to see, hear, and understand Nature, likewise you lack knowledge of the Laws of Creation, for otherwise you would be able to see, hear, and understand that Creation does not hold any Sabbath sacred.

16. And so Creation turns the stars in the heavens every Sabbath, and steers the sun, the wind, and the rain, and nurtures all the beings on Earth.

17. The water flows in its furrows, and everything moves in its accepted fashion on the Sabbath as well as on other days, for thus is Creation arranged.

18. But are people not much better than all animals and plants? So that they are masters of all, if they follow the true Laws.

19. You spawn of snakes and vipers, you writ distorters who spread false teachings out of desire for reward and power, who be there among you, who owns even a single sheep, and if it falls into a pit on the Sabbath, would he not take hold of it and lift it out?

20. How much better is not then a person than a sheep and your mendacious teachings!

21. Then he said to the man “Stretch forth your hand.” And he stretched it forth, and it was restored whole like the other one.

22. Then the Pharisees went out and held a council against him, about how they might kill him, since he in this way exposed their lies and false doctrines to the people.

23. And when Immanuel found this out, he withdrew himself from there, and great multitudes followed him and he healed them all.

24. And he forbade them sternly to spread his reputation about, for he feared he would be caught and killed as a martyr.

25. But his determination for the truth, forced him to continue to reveal his teachings and wisdom to the people.



Chapter 14

Judas Iscariot`s Offence


1. And it came to pass, that Immanuel and his disciples set out for Bethlehem, where he taught the people.

2. But Judas Iscariot deviated from Immanuel`s teachings, and lived only for his desires.

3. In secret he took collections amongst Immanuel`s audience and gathered gold, silver, and brass in his purse, so he could live a life of plenty.

4. But it came to pass, that Juda Ihariot, the son of the Pharisee Simon, made Immanuel aware of Judas Iscariot`s offences, on the sly, as he hoped to be rewarded for it.

5. Immanuel thanked him, but did not reward him with any gifts at all, wherefore Juda Ihariot started brooding on his revenge, for he was greedy for gold and silver and property.

6. But Judas Iscariot was led by Immanuel into the desert, where he taught him the lessons of righteousness for three days and three nights, so that the disciple felt regret and at once lived in observance of Immanuel`s teachings.

7. When he returned to the city, he thus distributed amongst the poor, all that he owned and that he had collected, and became a loyal disciple of Immanuel.

8. But at the same time it happened that Judas Iscariot was robbed of his writings, in which he related Immanuel`s teachings, consequently he reported it to Immanuel.

9. But he said “Truly, truly I tell you Judas Iscariot, you will have to endure much worse suffering than losing your writings about my teachings and my life.

10. For two thousand years, you, although innocent, shall be accused of betraying me, since Simon the Pharisee wishes this.

11. But his son, Juda Ihariot, is the true culprit, him, as well as Simon Ihariot, a Pharisee who wishes me dead.

12. But it is also him who stole the writings from you, and gave them to the scribes and Pharisees, so that they later on will be able to take me to court and kill me.

13. Seventy silver coins is what the received for your writings, and a further thirty he will get, when he in this way, delivers me to the executioners.

14. Truly I say to you, surely he will be successful, and for two times a thousand years, you will atone for this, even though you are innocent, so you will become a martyr.

15. But write down my teachings, and about my life yet again, and the time will come when the writings will become known, in two thousand years` time.

16. But until then, my teachings will be corrupted, and turned into an ill-fated cult, which will cause the outpouring of much human blood.

17. For humanity are not yet ready to believe my teachings and understand the truth.

18. And only after two thousand years, will a single man appear, who will realize that my teachings are true, and he will disseminate them with great courage.

19. He will be cursed and called a liar by the cults that have developed, and by those who spread the false teachings about me.

20. But you, Judas Iscariot, will until then, although innocent, be accused of having betrayed me, and thus be condemned, for this is the will of the high priests` falseness and the peoples` ignorance.

21. But do not concern yourself with this, for the teachings of truth demand sacrifice and it must be done.

22. Human beings are not very great in spirit and knowledge, therefore they must attract many mistakes and many failures, before they thereby can learn and gather knowledge and wisdom, so that they eventually discover the truth.

23. But for all this to happen, and so that the knowledge of the truth will produce a rich harvest of humans, you have to write down my teachings and about my life again, so it will be preserved, and produce the fruits of truth.

24. Remain with me in future, follow me and faithfully fulfill your duty as the author of my teachings, which are also the teachings of the Laws of Nature, and thus also the primordial Laws of Creation.

25. No will, will ever be stronger than the will of Creation, which reveals itself in the Laws.

26. The Laws of Creation apply to what has been, and what is, but also to tomorrow, the day after, and to all time.

27. In this way, Laws are also decisive, and they predetermine the future events that must occur.”



Chapter 15

The Significance of the Parables


1. The same day, Immanuel went out and walked to the sea and sat down there.

2. And great multitudes gathered about him, so that he went into a ship and sat, and the whole multitude stood on the shore.

3. And he spoke many things to them in parables, saying “Behold, a sower went forth to sow.

4. And when he sowed, some seeds fell on the road, and the fowls came and devoured them up.

5. Some fell upon stony ground where they had not much soil.

6. When the sun was up, they were scorched, and because they had no roots, they withered away.

7. Some fell among thorns, and the thorns sprang up and chocked them.

8. Some fell on good ground and brought forth fruit, some a hundredfold, some sixtyfold and some thirtyfold.

9. He who has ears, let him hear!

10. And the disciples came to him and said “Why do you speak to them in parables so that they do not understand your teachings?”

11. He replied saying “You it is given to understand the secrets of the spirit, but to them it is not given.

12. For they do listen well to my words, but they still live according to the false doctrines of their scribes and Pharisees.

13 Their spirit is ignorant and empty, and first they have to learn to think.

14. And what better way to get them to think than speaking in parables?

15. Truly I say to you, knowledge of the truth is only valuable and good if it is reached through one`s own thinking, as when you solve the mysteries that are described in parable form.

16. People still have little faith, and are without knowledge, and neither do they share the knowledge of the Laws of Creation and the power of the spirit.

17. First people must learn to discern the truth and live according to the Laws of Creation.

18. So that they become knowledgeable and great in spirit.

19. To those that have, to those shall be given in abundance, but to those that do not have, from them shall also be taken what little they have.

20. Therefore, I speak to them in parables, because with seeing eyes they see not, and with hearing ears they hear not, and neither do they understand.

21. And in them is fulfilled the prophesy of Esaias, which says “With ears they shall hear and shall not understand, and with seeing eyes they shall see and shall not perceive.”

22. For the hearts of these people is obdurate, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes have closed, so that they do not see with their eyes, or hear with their ears, or understand with their reason, and they have no concept of the truth and the Laws given by Creation, so that they do not receive any help therefrom, nor attain knowledge.

23. For the people of Israel have betrayed the Laws of Creation, and are condemned and shall never find peace.

24. Their blood shall be shed, for they ceaselessly offend the Laws of Creation.

25. They believe themselves to be the chosen people, above all others and of one race.

26. However, what a grave delusion and conceit, for since Israel were never one people, and never one race, then they have also never been a chosen race.

27. Disregarding all the Laws of Creation, Israel is a mass of people with a past of little honour which is characterized by murder and burning.

28. Only a few fathers in this multitude of faithless, have an honourable past, and a genealogy that can be proven.

29. But they do not belong among the spawn of snakes and vipers that have adopted the false Jewish faith.

30. The false faith and the false teaching that they took over from Moses, and which they again stole from the Egyptians.

31. These few fathers, believe in the truth and knowledge, and they only acknowledge the Laws of Creation.

32. But they have become a rarity in this country, so that they can be counted on one man`s hand.

33. They are but few, and nobody`s eye shall see them and nobody`s ear hear them.

34. Text missing.

35. Truly I say to you, many prophets and righteous men have longed to see what you see, and they have not seen it, and to hear what you hear, and they have not heard it.

36. So hear now this parable of the sower.

37. If someone hears the words of truth of the spirit and the Laws, and does not comprehend, then the false one comes and tears up that which is sown in his mind. That is what is sown on the road.

38. But that which is sown on the stony ground, means to say, the one who hears the word, and at once receives it with joy.

39. But he is not stable within himself, so it cannot take firm root but is changeable, for when tribulation and persecution strike him, because of the truth, he is offended.

40. But that which is sown among the thorns, means to say, the one who hears the word, but the cares of this world and transient material wealth, choke the truth, and the knowledge does not produce fruit.

41. But that which is sown in the good ground, means to say, the one who receives the word and seeks and finds the truth, so that he may live according to the Laws of truth, and he is able to make fruit grow and ripen, and he produces a rich harvest, one a hundredfold, another sixtyfold, and yet another thirtyfold.

42. This is the meaning of the parable, the mystery of which, must be revealed by the people so that they practice thinking and gaining insight.

43. But the road to attain wisdom and finding the truth is long, and it is difficult to obey the Laws of Creation, even though they are so obvious”



The Weeds among the Good Fruit


44. But he put another parable to them, saying “The Kingdom of the Spirit is like a person who sowed seed in his field.

45. But while he slept, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the good seed, and then left.

46. When the seed grew, and gave forth fruit, the weeds were also found in it.

47. So the servants of the sower came to him and said “Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? Where do the weeds come from then?”

48. He said to them “An enemy has done this.” And the servants said “Do you want us to go and weed them out?”

49. But he said “No, lest you at the same time pull out the good fruit, when you clean out the weeds.

50. Let both grow together until the harvest, and at harvest time I will say to the reapers “Gather first the weeds and bind them in bundles to burn them, and spread the ashes on the field so that it provides nourishment and a good loam, and then collect the good fruit and store it for me in my barn.”

51. For behold,” said Immanuel “both grow together, the weeds and the good fruit. The weeds obstruct the growth of the good fruit, but later it becomes nourishment that

52. Fertilizes the soil.

53. If the weeds were not there to nourish the soil, the good fruit could not grow, for it needs the nourishment.”


The Mustard Seed


54. He put another parable to the people, and he said “The Spiritual Kingdom is like a mustard seed that a person took and sowed in his field.

55. Which is the smallest of seeds, but when it is fully grown, it is larger than all bushes, and becomes a tree, in the branches of which, the birds of Heaven come and build.


The Sourdough


56. Another parable he told them “The Kingdom of the Spirit is like sourdough which a woman took and mixed in three measures of flour, until all was leavened.”

57. All these things spoke Immanuel unto the multitudes in parables, and without a parable, he did not speak to them.

58. That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying “He shall open his mouth in parables, and utter that which was kept secret from the beginning of the world.” So that people may learn therefrom and find the truth and realize and follow the Laws.


The Treasure in the Field and the Precious Pearl


59.“He who has ears, let him hear. The Spiritual Kingdom is like a treasure hidden in a field, which a person finds and hides, and in his joy over this, he goes away and sells all that he owns and buys the field.

60. Again, the Spiritual Kingdom is like a merchant who searches for good pearls, and he found a valuable pearl, went away, and sold all he had and bought it.


The Fishing Net


61. Furthermore, the Spiritual Kingdom is like a net which was cast in the sea and caught all manner of things.

62. But when it was full, they drew it up on shore, sat down and gathered the good in vessels, and the useless they threw away.

63. And so it is with the Spiritual Kingdom, which prevails in mankind and whose king is mankind himself.

64. Therefore, respect the parables and learn to decipher them, so that you learn to think and realize and follow the Laws of Creation.

65. Have you understood this?” They said “Yes.”

66. Then he said “Therefore every scribe who has become a disciple of the knowledge of the spirit and the Kingdom of the spirit, is like a householder who from his stores brings forth new and old.”



In Nazareth


67. And it came to pass, when Immanuel had finished these parables, he departed from there.

68. And came to his home town Nazareth, and taught in the synagogue so that the people were astonished, and they said “Wherefrom has this man such wisdom and the ability to do such deeds?

69. Is he not the son of the carpenter Joseph, whose wife became pregnant by the son of a guardian angel? Is his mother not Maria? And are not Judas and Joseph and Simon and James his brothers?

70. And his sisters, are they not all with us? Wherefrom then, does he get all this wisdom, and the power to carry out his mighty deeds?

71. They were offended by him and threatened to take him to court.

72. But Immanuel said “A prophet is nowhere less appreciated than in his own land and in his own house, and this shall prove to be the case for all time, as long as people have little faith and blindly believe in the false doctrines of the scribes and the script distorters.

73. This will also be discovered as a truth in two thousand years’ time, when humankind have become knowledgeable and able to think, and when my real teachings again see the light of day in an unadulterated state.

74. The new prophet in this distant future will not have great power over evil and over disease.

75. But his knowledge will be mine, and his revelations of my true teachings, will shake the earth to the core, for by his time, the Earth will be flooded with my teachings, corrupted by the script distorters, and will be living in a deadly false culture.

76. That will be the time when threats of war from space start, and many new gods attempt to become masters of the earth.

77. Truly, truly I say to you, the new prophet will not only be persecuted by a false people, a fate similar to mine, but he will be persecuted by the whole world, and by many cults with erroneous doctrines, who bring forth many false prophets.

78. Already before the two thousand years are ended, the new prophet shall preach my genuine teachings within small groups, like I also teach about wisdom and knowledge and the Laws of the spirit and Creation in a small group of disciples and confidantes.

79. His road will, however, be very difficult and full of obstructions, for he will start his mission in a peaceful country in the north, where in the meantime however, a severe false cult also rules, which is based on my teachings corrupted by the script distorters.

80. This I prophesize and it will happen.”

81. And he did not show any signs of his great power there, and did not preach of his great knowledge, because of their lack of faith.



Chapter 16

Herod and John the Baptist


1. At the time when Immanuel was still in Nazareth, his fame reached Herod.

2. And he said to his servants “It is probably John the Baptist, he is risen from the dead, that is why such powers are at work in him.”

3, For Herod had laid hold of John, and bound him and put him in prison for Herodias` sake, his brother Phillips` wife, and had him beheaded.

4. It happened in this way, John had rebuked him, saying “It is not good that you have Herodias, for you have committed adultery with her, and you must be punished according to the law.”

5. And he would have liked to kill the Baptist, but he feared the people, for they held him to be a great prophet.

6. But when Herod celebrated his birthday, the daughter of Herodias, danced for them, which pleased Herod immensely,

7. Therefore he promised her, under a lawful oath, to give her whatsoever she desired of him.

8. And on instructions from her mother she said “Give me the head of John the Baptist on a silver platter.”

9. But the daughter of Herodias wept, nevertheless, for she was inflamed by love for John the Baptist, since she believed in his teachings.

10. And the king was glad that Herodias had convinced her daughter to ask for John the Baptist`s head, for in this way he would not be blamed by the people, since he had acted under oath.

11. But the daughter of Herodias did not know that Herod and her mother, right before the dance, had agreed to ask for the Baptist`s head through her.

12. And Herod sent and let John be beheaded in prison.

13. And his head was brought in on a silver platter and given to the girl.

14. And she kissed the forehead of the severed head, weeping bitterly, and saying.

15. “I did not know love had such a bitter taste.”

16. Then she brought the head of the Baptist to her mother.

17. But later his disciples came and took his dead body and buried it, and later they also came to Immanuel and told him what had happened

18. And when Immanuel heard it, he became afraid, and hurried away from there in a ship to a deserted region, and when the people heard this, they followed him on foot out of the cities.

19. And Immanuel saw the multitudes from out on the water, and he was moved by compassion for them, so he went ashore and healed their sick.



The Feeding of the Five Thousand


20. And when it was evening his disciples came to him, saying “This is a deserted place and night falls over the land, send the multitudes away so that they can buy food and drink in the villages.”

21. But Immanuel said “They need not depart, you give them something to eat and drink.”

22, But they said “We have no more than five loaves of bread and three fish here.”
23. And he said “Then give them to me.”
24. And he commanded the multitude to settle down, and took the five loaves of bread and the three fish, spoke secretive words, and broke the bread and the fish, and gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the people.

25. And they all ate and were filled, and they saved what was left over, twelve baskets full.

26. But those who had eaten were about five thousand people.


The Walk on the Waters


27. And straightaway, Immanuel requested his disciples to go in the ship before him, into the city, while he saw to it that the multitude left him.

28. And when he had sent away all the people, he went up onto a hill alone, to regain his spent strength and when it was evening he was there alone.

29. And the ship of the disciples was then in the middle of the lake, and was in trouble because of the waves, for the wind was against them and they were caught in a storm.

30. But during the fourth watch of the night, Immanuel came to them, and he walked on the waters of the lake.

31. And when the disciples saw him walking on the water, they were very frightened and said “He is a ghost!” and they screamed in terror.

32. But straightaway Immanuel came closer and spoke to them saying “Be of good cheer, it is me, be not afraid.”

33. However, Peter asked “Master, is it you?”

34. But Immanuel said “Truly it is me.”

35. But Peter replied, saying “Master, if it is you, then let me come to you on the water.”

36. And Immanuel said “Come hither to me and fear not.

37. Have faith and know that the water carries you, and it will carry you.

38. Do not doubt your belief and your knowing, then the water will be as solid ground under you.”

39. And Peter went out of the ship and walked on the water and walked towards Immanuel.

40. But when a powerful thunderclap rent the howling storm, he was frightened, and beginning to sink, he cried out “Immanuel, help me!”

41. And Immanuel hurried to his side, stretched out his hand and grabbed hold of him, saying “Oh you of little faith, why do you become afraid, and why do you doubt in your fear?

42. The power of your knowing gives you ability, as you have seen.

43. You trusted my word before the thunderclap, but you became afraid and doubted, and surrendered the power of your knowing, and your ability disappeared.

44. Never doubt the power of your spirit, which is part of Creation itself, and therefore knows no limits to its power.

45. Behold, there was a little bird that circled around a large hill and chirpingly delighted in life, then a gust of wind came and made it unsteady, then suddenly it doubted its ability to fly, and fell down and died.

46. Therefore, never doubt the power of your spirit and never doubt your knowing, when logic proves the Laws of Creation to you.”

47. And they got in the ship, and Immanuel commanded the storm to abate and the swirling eddies died down.

48. But those who were in the ship were astonished and said “You truly are a master of the spirit, and one who has knowledge of the Laws of Creation.

49. Your like has never before been born and no prophet had this power.”

50. But Immanuel replied and said “I tell you, there are greater masters of spiritual power than me, and they are our primordial forefathers who came from space.

51. And the greatest among them is God, and he is the spiritual ruler of the three human races.

52. But above him is Creation, whose Law he faithfully follows and respects, thus, even he is not as omnipotent as only Creation itself can be.

53. In this way there are limits also for him, who lets himself be called God, and who is above emperors and kings, as it is written.

54. But humankind is ignorant and immature, in that they think that God is Creation, and they labour under a false teaching which the script distorters have corrupted.

55. So when people believe in God, they do not believe in Creation, for God is a human being like us.

56. But the difference is that He, in his spirit, is a thousand times greater than us, and a thousand times greater than all people on Earth.

57. But he is not greater than Creation, which is infinite and has no form.

58. Thus even God is a living being from primordial Creation, which has no beginning and no end.”

59. And they sailed over and went ashore in Genesareth.

60. And when the people of that place found out he was there, they sent out word into all that land and brought all their sick to him, and asked that they might touch the hem of his garment that they might be cured.

61. And so it happened, those that touched the hem of his garment were healed.



Chapter 17

Human Commandments and the Laws of Creation


1. Then the Pharisees and the scribes from Jerusalem came to Immanuel

2. And said “Why do your disciples show contempt for the established customs of the elders?”

3. He answered them, saying “Why do you breach the Laws of Creation for the sake of your established customs?

4. Moses has said, according to the Laws of Creation, honour your father and your mother, and he who unjustly defames father or mother, must die the death.

5. But your teaching is; those who say to their father or mother, “I offer to the cult what you should have had from me,”

6. They need not honour their father or mother, and thereby you have abolished the Law of Creation for the sake of your tradition and your lust for power.

7. You hypocrites, Esaias prophesized absolutely correctly about you, when he said

8. “The nation of Israel honour Creation with their lips but their hearts and their knowledge is far removed from it.”

9. And they serve their cult in vain, for they learn such a false and mendacious doctrine which is none other than the commandments of humans.”

10. And Immanuel called the multitude to him saying “Listen, and understand this!

11. The teachings of the scribes and the Pharisees are false and mendacious, for what they preach to you are human traditions which are not the Laws of Creation.”

12. Then his disciples came to him saying “Do you also know that the scribes and Pharisees became very angry when they heard your words?

13. They have gone to witness against you and let you be put to death because of your teachings.”

14. But he replied, saying “All plants that do not live according to the Laws of Creation, wither and rot.

15. Let them be, they are blind guides of the blind, and if the blind lead the blind, they both fall in the ditch.

16. But in the meantime we will leave, so the traitors do not find their prey.”

17. Then Peter answered him saying “Explain to us your words about the blind.”

18. But then Immanuel rebuked his disciples saying “Are you also still without understanding and therefore ignorant and doubting in spirit?

19. You have been together with me for a long time, but still your ability to think and distinguish the truth is flawed.

20. Truly I say to you, you yourselves, will in future, contribute greatly to the falsification of my teachings.

21. For with your knowledge you barely surpass the others.

22. Do you not notice that all the parables, and all that I say has a spiritual content, and that it is all about the spiritual life of people?

23. Oh, you of little faith, is your understanding still not beyond the stupidity of the people?

24. Beware that you do not see me in a false light, and assign to me an origin that cannot have descended from.”



Chapter 18

The Pharisees` Request for a Sign


1. But Immanuel left from there and departed to the region of Sidon and Tyrus.

2. And behold, then the Saducees and Pharisees came to him, desiring that he should let them see a sign of the spiritual power.

3. But he answered, saying “In the evening you say “It will be a lovely day for the sky is red.”

4. And in the morning you say “Today the weather will be foul, for the sky is red and overcast.” You can discern the face of the sky, can you then not discern the signs of the times?

5. This wicked and faithless generation seeks a sign, but there shall be no other sign given, than the sign of Jonas, he who while alive, disappeared into the belly of the fish, and remained there alive, and then reappeared still living.” And he left them and departed.


The Sourdough of the Pharisees


7. When they sailed across the lake and came to the other shore, they had forgotten to take bread with them.

8. But Immanuel said to them “Take heed, and beware of the sourdough of the Pharisees and the Saducees.”

9. And they reasoned among themselves, saying “It must be because we did not bring bread or anything else to eat.”

10. But when Immanuel heard this, he was disheartened and said “You of little faith, why does it trouble you that you do not have bread?

11. Do you still not understand, and can you not think how to understand my words?

12. Do you have so little faith and understanding, that you do not realize the meaning?

13. Do you still not understand and will you in eternity not want to understand?

14. Do you not remember the five loaves of bread and the three fish among the five thousand, and the five baskets that you took care of?

15. Why do you then not understand that I am not speaking about the bread you eat every day, but beware of the sourdough of the Saducees and Pharisees.

16. Then they finally understood that he did not say to beware of the sourdough in the bread, but of the false and incorrect teachings of the scribes and Pharisees.


Peter`s Belief


17. Immanuel arrived in the region of Cesarea Philippi, and asked the disciples “Who do the people say I am?”

18. They said “Some say that you are John the Baptist, others say that you are Elias, still others that you are Jeremiah or one of the prophets.”

19. But he said to them “Who do you say I am?”

20. Then Simon Peter answered, and said “You are the one the prophesy promised, and a son of the living God, of the spiritual ruler of the three human races.”

21. Then Immanuel became angry and replied saying to them “Oh, you wretched one, my teachings have not made it clear to you, and yet I taught you about the truth.

22. And I tell you also, though you are a loyal disciple, your intellect is only that of a child.

23. You, Peter, and upon your rock I cannot build my teaching, and you will open the doors of simplemindedness, so that the people who are subjugated by your incorrect interpretation of my teachings, will enter there, and live according to a corrupted doctrine.

24. I cannot give you the key to the Spiritual Kingdom, for with it you would open the wrong lock and the wrong doors.

25. I am not the son of the spiritual ruler of the three human races, and neither am I the son of God.

26. My mother is Maria, who became pregnant with me by a guardian angel, a descendant of our primordial fathers, and my earthly father is Joseph, who as yet, has paternity over me.”

27. After that he forbade his disciples to tell anyone anything, and to spread Peter`s false teachings.

The Prophesy of Suffering


28. From that time on, Immanuel began to make it clear to his disciples, how he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things of the elders and the scribes and the high priests, since he could not omit taking his teaching to them.

29. And Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him, saying “God and Creation forbid it! This shall not befall you, that they should capture you and torture you and kill you.”

30. But he turned to Peter angrily, and said “Get away from me, Satan, you are an offence to me, and betray your simpleminded thinking.

31. Simon Peter, again you give offence and reveal your simpleminded thinking.

32. Truly I say to you, because of your foolishness, there will be large amounts of bloodshed in the world, because you, in this way, shall corrupt my teachings, and take them to the people in a wrong manner.

33. You will be to blame for the death of many people, and also for the emergence of a false name for me, and for the gross defamation that I should be God`s son, and that God also is Creation itself.

34. But for now, you still enjoy the favour of my patience, so that you for a short time, can do something about your foolishness by learning.”

35. Later Immanuel said to his disciples “If someone wants to follow my teachings, then he must take on the burden of seeking for the truth, and discernment, and understanding.

36. For the one who lives his life in truth and knowledge, he shall conquer, but he who lives his life in untruth and ignorance, he shall be defeated.

37. For what profiteth it a man, that he gains the whole world but does harm to his spirit? Or how can a person help his spirit if he is not great at thinking?

38. Truly I say to you, there be some here who will not taste the power of the spirit in this life, but only in the next.

39. And the spirit of mankind is ignorant, till it by thinking and research becomes knowledgeable.

40. And the spirit of mankind is thus not a perfect work of mankind, but it is a piece of Creation, given to them, which must be made knowledgeable and perfect.

41. So that they move towards being one with Creation, since also Creation lives in a constant state of growth.

42. Timeless is creation, and equally timeless is the human spirit.

43. This teaching of knowledge is comprehensive, and not easy, but it is also the way to life, the types of which are manifold.

44. The life of humankind is adapted to perfect the spirit, wherefore, they also live their life to make this a reality.

45. And if people burden themselves with mistakes, then they learn from them, and gather experience and knowledge, so that they build up their spirit, and can act through its power.

46. Without mistakes, it is thus not possible to gather experience and knowledge and build up the spirit.

47. Truly I say to you, incorrect and false it the teaching of the high priests and Pharisees and scribes, when they say that a mistake will be punished by God or Creation, if the mistake serves as experience and knowledge for the spirit.

48. Just as a mistake is not punishable if it leads to the insight of the spirit and knowledge, then there are also no mistakes that can be inherited, and no punishment in this, or other worlds.

49. The punishment of such a mistake, would be contrary to all the Laws of Nature, and also to the Laws of Creation.

50. Neither in this life, nor in a coming life, does a punishment ensue, if a mistake was made which was good for the experience and knowledge of the spirit.

51. In as much, as a people live by the call of perfecting the spirit, and they thus gain experience and knowledge by making mistakes, then they live the life which is intended for them.

52. But human beings do not learn through occurrences, nor from the greatness of the spirit, for they are guided by the Laws of Creation, and are led into events which have to happen, since they are preordained.

53. But the spiritual powers of other people, also affect the individual person`s life for better or worse.

54. But when people begin to think and realize, then they need a teacher, that is why the Sons of Heaven send the prophets here, to teach the human races, the true Laws of Creation and the knowledge of life.

55. However, people continue to be uncomprehending, and have reverted to the false doctrines of the high priests and the script distorters, wherefore the new teachings are not received after all.

56. In ignorance the truth is cursed, even though it cannot be avoided, and the prophets are cursed, and stoned, and killed, and crucified.

57. But since the teaching of truth must be brought to the people, the prophets must carry heavy burdens and endure the suffering of humanities` curses.

58. In this way many prophets have been persecuted, and they also covet my life.

59. The prophesies of the events that will occur, according to that which is preordained, foretell, that in my case it will go so far, that although I am innocent, I shall be described as guilty.

60. However, it will not be so that I will be killed, but during three nights and three days, I will, half dead, be regarded as dead, and be laid among the rocks, so that the sign of Jonas shall be fulfilled.

61. My distant friends from the land of India, who are well versed in medical arts, will be my caretakers, and they will help me flee on the third day, and with that my task among your people is finished.

62. This has to happen so that I attain a certain level of experience, and my knowledge is increased, and a new power in the spirit is born.



Chapter 19

The Childlike Nature


1. And it came to pass, that the disciples came to Immanuel and said “Who is then the greatest in spirit?”

2. Immanuel called a child unto him, and set him in the midst of them.

3. And said “Truly I say to you, if you do not convert and become like children, you will never be great in spirit.

4. The one who investigates, and seeks, and gathers experiences, and thirsts for knowledge, like this child, he will become great in spirit.

5. And the one who investigates, and seeks, and finds, like such a child, he shall, in himself, always be the greatest.

6. But the one who disregards this truth, and blindly follows false teachers, and neither seeks nor finds, for him it would be better if a millstone was hung around his neck, and he was drowned in the depths of the ocean.

7. For nothing can give life meaning or fulfill its purpose, other than investigation, seeking, and finding.

8. It would be better if those who do not understand were expelled from life, rather than they hinder those who are willing to seek after truth.

9. But in their next life, the ignorant will probably be willing to respect the Laws of Creation.

10. Woe unto the world, because of offences, for it must needs be, that offences come, but woe unto the person through whom the offence comes.

11. But if your hand or foot offend you or lead you astray, then do not let it grieve you, it is better for you that you lose a limb but become great in spirit, than that you should have two hands and two feet but remain small in spirit or perish completely.

12. And if an eye offends you and you become blind, do not let it grieve you, it is better for you that you can see the Laws of Creation with the power of your spirit, rather than having two eyes yet remain blind in spirit.

13. Take heed that you do not belong to those who are healthy in body but are sick and deficient in spirit.

14. Explore the meaning in the truth of my teaching, and since I am a human being like you, even I have to explore and learn.

15. But I, who am a human being like you, have gathered my knowledge, and in the same way you have the ability to learn, and explore, and experience, and know, and in this way you follow the Laws of Creation.


The Errant Neighbour


16. “But if your neighbour has taken a wrong track and believes in a false doctrine, then go and point it out to him, between you and him alone, and if he listens, you have gained your neighbour.

17. But if he does not listen, and continues slaving away in ignorance, then leave him, for he is not worth your teaching, if you have done your best.

18. It is better to leave a person without sense on the road of wretchedness, than it is to confuse your own spirit.

19. Truly I say to you, sooner shall the heavens tumble down, than a fool receive learning, therefore beware of them.

20. Sow the seeds of wisdom where they fall on fertile ground and begin to grow.

21. For only seeds that grow can develop fruit.



Chapter 20

Marriage Divorce Celibacy

1. And it came to pass, when Immanuel had finished these explanations,that he departed from Galilee and came to the land of Judaea on the other side of Jordan.

2. And great multitudes followed him and he healed them there.

3. The Pharisees also came to him, tempting him, and saying “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any reason at all?”

4. But he replied “Truly I say to you, sooner should the stars fall from Heaven than a divorce be lawful.

5. For the sake of marriage, a person shall leave father and mother, and shall cleave to the matrimonial partner, for they shall be one flesh and one blood.

6. Wherefore they are no longer two, but one flesh and one blood, and that characterizes them.

7. Out of one flesh and one blood, they bear descendants, who again are one flesh and one blood from father and mother.

8. What is joined together in this way, let no-one put asunder, for it would be against the Laws of Nature.”

9. Then they said “Why did Moses then command to give a letter of divorcement, when you divorce?”

10. He said to them “Moses has allowed you to divorce because of the hardness of your hearts, and for the sake of the authorities who are above you. At the beginning of the human race it was not so, and thus Moses thereby, broke a law.

11. But I say to you, the one who divorces because of fornication or other demonstrable faults, and instead courts another, he commits adultery.”

12. Then the disciples said to him “If that is the way it is with a person and their spouse, then it is not a simple thing to marry.”

13. But he said to them “Not everyone understands this saying, only those to whom it is given;

14. For some abstain from marriage, because they from birth lack that ability, some abstain from marriage because other people made them unable to, and some abstain for the sake of the power of the spirit. He who is able to receive this, let him receive it.


The Blessing of Children


15. Then the children were led to him so he could lay his hands on them and bless them, but the disciples reprimanded them.

16. But Immanuel said “Let the children come to me and do not hinder them, for they are my most attentive listeners, and they shall inherit the Kingdom of Wisdom.

17. And he laid his hands on them, saying “Gather knowledge and attain wisdom, then you will become perfect in spirit and faithful followers of the Laws.

18. Just as I am called Immanuel, which means-God is with us-you will also come to bear this name, and you shall understand the knowledge of wisdom.”

19. And to his disciples he said “Truly, truly I say to you, seek knowledge and understand reality so that you become wise.

20. That I am called-God is with us-does not mean that I am spiritually above kings and emperors; it says that wisdom is with us.

21. In this way, I am the King of Wisdom among the human races, just as I am also the King of Wisdom`s god, among the Sons of Heaven who are the ancestors of the three human races.

22. But as I was born of an earthly woman, and speak her language, I was called Immanuel, and God in her language, means that god who is also called King of Wisdom and ruler of his human race and ruler of the nation.

23. Attempt to understand the contents of what I am saying, so that you will not venture to call me God`s son and give me creative powers, or claim that I am Lord over good and evil.

24. Behold the little children, they are not like you, they believe the truth and wisdom of my words, and therefore wisdom shall be theirs.


Why then, do you hinder them?”

25. And he laid his hands on them and left there from.

26. But when they had departed, Peter spoke and said to him “Behold, we have left everything and followed you, what do we get in return?”

27. But Immanuel said to them “Truly I say to you, among you who have followed me, some will take my wisdom teachings to heart, so that they will be spiritually great in the next life, some of you will not understand the wisdom in my teaching, and will therefore spread false information about me, but these will have difficulty finding the truth in their new life.

28. This is how it will be among all human races, from East to West and from North to South.

29. Many will be offered my good teaching, but few will understand it.

30. Many will follow a corrupted doctrine about me, and not find the truth, since they believe that I am God or his son, or even the son of Creation.

31. They will speak in mighty words and claim that only they know the truth, but they are caught up in a gross delusion, for they follow an evil and false teaching.

32. Many of these, will thus, come to be seen as the most prominent of men, whose thinking is obscured by a confused teaching, but they will be counted as the last when spiritual knowledge is calculated, and their wisdom is scant.

33. Wisdom is only found where knowledge bears fruit via the truth, and where the Laws of Creation are followed and paid attention to.


Chapter 21

Two Blind Men


1. And when they left Jericho, a great multitude followed him.

2. And behold, two blind men sat by the roadside, and when they heard that Immanuel was passing by, they called out saying “Oh lord, you son of a Son of Heaven, have mercy on us.”

3. But the people told them to keep quiet, but they cried even louder saying “Oh Lord, you son of a Son of Heaven, have mercy on us.”

4. But Immanuel stood still and called out to them saying “What do you want me to do for you?”

5. And he was taken with compassion for them, and said “Whose power do you think it is that can make you see?”

6. And they said “The power of Creation which is bound in the Laws.”

7. And Immanuel marvelled and said “Truly, such a belief and such knowledge I have yet to find among these people.

8. Let it be as you believe.” Then he touched their eyes, and immediately they saw, and followed him.

9. But as they continued on their way in this manner, Immanuel taught the people openly and he said

10. “Truly, truly I say to you, if you are knowledgeable in spirit and praise Wisdom, and if you in truth have belief and do not doubt, then you shall not only do such as this with eyes closed, but if you tell the fig tree to wither, then it would wither, or if you said to a mountain “Get up and throw yourself in the ocean,” then it would happen.

11. Therefore, become knowledgeable in the truth of Wisdom so your spirit may become great.

12. And if you are knowledgeable and live in the truth of Wisdom, then your spirit is filled with infinite power.

13. And all that you command, or ask in prayer, if you believe it, shall be given to you.

14. But do not think that prayer is necessary, for you will be given even without prayer, if you spirit is schooled through Wisdom.

15. Do not become confused, and do not believe in the false teachings that a person might do as he wishes, for this perception is wrong.

16. You should know, that whatever a person might do, he always comes to standstill to gather the will for this or that, for this is the Law of Nature.

17. In this way, a person decides by himself, about the course of his life, and this is called destiny.

18. But it is also so, that if he attains knowledge and acquires wisdom, then with it, he obtains a will which follows the Laws.

19. Consider yourselves as people who live to learn and perfect the spirit.

20. For you are born for the duty of becoming perfect in spirit.

21. Therefore, do not concern yourselves in the future about the false doctrine which will be propagated, that a person should perfect his spirit some other time, since he is supposed to have fallen from Creation.

22. Beware of this false teaching, for it is wrong, even to the last dot over the i.

23. Truly, truly I say to you, never have humans been perfect in spirit, and thus they have also never fallen from Creation.

24. Every spirit in every person is a special creation, and newly created with the purpose of perfecting itself and learning wisdom.

25. So that it eventually becomes one with Creation, according to the provisions of the Laws, so that Creation itself in this way can grow and expand.

26. But just as the human spirit is one, Creation in itself is one, and there are no other powers equal to it.

27. In itself, Creation is pure spirit and also infinite power, for it is one with itself, and nothing else besides it, exists.

28. Beware therefore, the false and erroneous teachings of the future, which will point me out as the son of Creation and as the son of God.

29. For out of these teachings, lies will develop, and through them the world will suffer great distress and misery.

30. Do not concern yourselves with the false teachings of the future, which attempt to unite the spirit and Creation and me, into one, and out of that make a trinity, which again would be a unity.

31. Beware of these confused and false teachings of the future, for a trinity is impossible according to the logical Laws of Creation.

32. Truly I say to you, the princes oppress their people, and the mighty use force, and in the way that they resort to force, the new cults shall also use force when they corrupt and propagate my teachings.

33. But beware of them, and do not let yourselves be forced to bear the yoke of the false doctrine.

34. This must not happen to you, you have to be great and teach wisdom.

35. And just as I am come to teach wisdom and knowledge among the people, you shall also continue to teach so that the truth, nevertheless, breaks through.



Chapter 22

Entry into Jerusalem


1. And when they drew near Jerusalem, they came to Bethphage, close to the Mount of Olives. Then Immanuel sent out two of his disciples.

2. Saying to them “Go into the village in front of you, and straightaway you will find an ass tied up, and a foal with her. Loosen her, and bring her to me, for she has been given to me and is just stabled there.

3. And if anyone comes and asks you anything, then say “Immanuel from Nazareth needs her” and he will immediately give them to you.

4. And the disciples went and did as Immanuel had commanded.

5. And they brought the ass and the foal, and put their clothes on them, and he sat thereon.

6. And when the multitudes heard that Immanuel, the King of Wisdom, was coming, they spread their garments on the road, and others cut down branches from the trees, and strewed them on the road.

7. And the multitudes that went in front and that followed, called out saying “Hail, descendant of David. Blessed is he who comes and preaches the new teaching.”

8. And when they entered Jerusalem, there was great commotion in the whole city, and they said “Who is it that is coming?”

9. And the multitude said “It is Immanuel, the prophet from Nazareth in Galilee, who is bringing the new wisdom teaching.”



The Cleansing of the Temple

10. And Immanuel went into the temple in Jerusalem, and he was infuriated when he saw that traders, and salesmen, and pigeon keepers, and money changers had occupied the place.

11. And he said to them “It is written, the temple shall be a place for learning and reflection, but you have made it a den of thieves.”

12. In a fury, he knocked over the tables of the money changers, and the chairs of the pigeon keepers, and he drove them all out with an ass drivers` whip.

13. And the blind and the lame came to him in the temple, and he healed them all.

14. But when the high priests and the scribes saw the great deeds he did, and heard the people in the temple shouting “Hail, descendant of David!” they were sore displeased.

15. And said to him “Do you hear what these people are saying?”

But Immanuel said to them “Are you afraid of the truth, so that it makes you angry?”

16. And he left them and went out of the city, to Bethany, and spent the night there.


Return to Jerusalem


17. And when Immanuel later came into the temple and taught, the high priests, and the scribes, and the elders of the people, came to him saying “By what authority do you do this, and who has given you this authority?”

18. But Immanuel answered them saying “I will also ask you one thing, and if you answer me, I will likewise tell you by what authority I do this.”

19. Where did the babtism of John come from? Was it from Creation or from humankind?” And they reasoned among themselves, saying “If we say it came from Creation, he will say to us “Then why do you not believe in it, and why do you not follow its commands?”

20. But if we say that it came from humankind, then we have to fear the people, for they all hold John as a prophet.”

21. And they answered Immanuel, and said “We do not know.” Then he said to them “You spawn of snakes and vipers, neither do I tell you by what authority I do these things.

22. But what do you think? A man had two sons and he said to the first, “My son, go and work in the vineyard today.”

23. And he replied saying “Yes father, I will go there” and he went there.

24. He also went to the second one and said “My son, go and work in the vineyard today.”

25. But this one replied saying “I will not do that, and therefore I will not go there.” But soon he repented, and went there after all.

26. Now I ask you, which of the two did the will of his father?” They said “Of course, the last one.”

27. But Immanuel said to them “Truly, truly I say to you, publicans and harlots will sooner understand the wisdom in the knowledge than you.

28. John and the prophets came to you and taught you the right path, and you believed them not, but the publicans and harlots believed them. Even if you had been able to perceive it, you had still not repented and changed your minds, so that you in future also could believe them.

29. You know the truth, yet deny it, so that you might benefit therefrom in the form of gold, and silver, and possessions and thus become rich at the expense of the poor misled.

30. But hear another parable of the vineyard, maybe then you will understand if your reason is not completely disturbed.

31. There was a man who ruled over many estates and properties, who planted a vineyard, erected a fence around it, dug a wine press in, and built a tower, and let it out on loan to some winegrowers, and then left the country.

32. And when the time of the fruit drew near, he sent his servants to the winegrowers to collect the fruit from them.

33. Then the winegrowers took his servants, one they beat, the other they killed, and the third they stoned to death.

34. Again he sent out other servants, more than the first time, and they did the same to them.

35. At last he sent out his manager`s son to them saying “They will be afraid of the manager`s son.”

36. But when the winegrowers saw the manager`s son, they said among themselves “This is the heir, come, let us kill him and seize his inheritance.”

37. And they caught him, and cast him out of the vineyard, and slew him. And they thought he was dead, and laid him in a cave where he lay half dead for three days and three nights, but later he returned to the Lord of the vineyard.

38. But when the Lord of the vineyard heard what happened to the manager`s son, what did he then do?”

39. They said to him “He miserably destroyed those wicked men, and let out his vineyard to other winegrowers who rendered him the fruits at the right time, and surely he also gave the manager`s son his inheritance early?”

40. Immanuel said to them “You have understood it, and you have also read in the scriptures where this is written: The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.

41. Therefore I tell you, as the vineyard manager`s son am I, and as the vineyard tenants are you.

42. My teaching is not new, but well known, for it was handed down to you, and was preached already by the prophets.

43. But you have disregarded and corrupted it to such a degree, for your own benefit, that you accuse me of lying and even of being God, by whose decision, and with the help of His kind, I was brought forth and now stand before you as a prophet.

44. Therefore I say to you. Peace and happiness shall be taken from you, and also from your people, in all eternity, and be given to a people who yield fruit.

45. In the way that you show contempt and crush underfoot all of God`s Laws, He who after all, is the ruler of this, and the two other human races in the North and the East, you yourselves will be looked down upon and trodden underfoot in all future.

46. The burden of the Jewish people will be like the heavy stone of the seven ages, and whosoever falls on this stone shall be crushed, and on whomsoever it falls, shall be ground to powder.”

47. And when the high priests and the Pharisees heard his words, they understood that he cursed them and the people for all eternity.

48. And they would have liked to find a way to catch him, but they feared the people who believed him and held him as a prophet.


Chapter 23

The Tax Penny


1. And the Pharisees held a consultation about how they should catch Immanuel because of what he said, and they sent their disciples and the Herodians to him.

2. They said “Master, we know that you are honest and teach the right path according to the Laws, without listening to anyone, for you do not respect what people hold in esteem but only the commandments of God and the truth of the Laws of Creation.

3. Tell us therefore what you think, is it lawful to pay tax to Caesar or not?”

4. But Immanuel perceived their wickedness and said “You hypocrites, how vile are you not in spirit when you try to snare me in such a morbid fashion?

5. But show me a tax coin, so I can heal your sickening stupidity.” And they gave him a penny.

6. And he said to them “Whose is this image and inscription on the coin?”

7. And they said to him “Caesars.”

8. Then he said to them “Render unto Caesar, what is Caesars, and give God that which is his.

9. But remember this, that God and Caesar are human beings and above them is Almighty Creation which you shall show the highest praise.

10. For even if God and Caesar are rulers over the human races and the Nations, Creation is above them as the highest power, which they, according to the Law, are subordinate.

11. When they heard this, they marvelled and left him and went on their way.




12. The same day, the Sadducees came to him, those who hold that there is no resurrection, and they asked him

13. Saying “Master, Moses has said that when somebody dies childless, his brother shall marry his wife, and beget children for his brother.

14. Now, there were with us seven brothers, the first one married but died, and as he did not have any offspring, he left his wife to his brother.

15. Likewise the second and the third, and so on to the seventh.

16. Last of all, the woman died.

17. If you now teach us that there is a life after this one, whose wife will she be, out of the seven, in the next life, for she has had them all?”

18. But Immanuel replied saying “You do err, and you do not know the genuine scriptures of the ancients, and neither do you know the Laws of Creation.

19. Truly I say to you, Moses has never given this command. The commandment states, that a brother should take his brother`s woman as his, in honour and dignity, if he should die, so that he thus takes care of his brother`s widow.

20. How could it be that a brother begets children for his brother, when the seed of one is unlike the other`s?

21. But in the next life, they will all be strangers, so they will not know each other, and thus no Law says that the woman should belong to one or the other.

22. In the new life, the people decide themselves, who they will marry, and if they will marry, this has not been determined.

23. Take heed of the Law of Creation, which teaches that a person in a new life does not have any memories of the previous life, wherefore your question falls away.

24. So far, it is only the prophets who have memories from earlier lives, since they follow the Laws of Creation, and thus live in wisdom.

25. But since you and the Jewish people will be living in spiritual darkness for a long time, knowledge and wisdom of the spirit will long be hidden from you.

26. Other Nations will rise above you, and thus develop their spirit and obey the Laws of Creation.

27. So other Nations will become your spiritual superiors, and develop a high level of wisdom, so that many of them soon will become prophets and be able to remember earlier lives.

28. But you, and the Nation of Israel, will long be poor in spirit, and consequently flail around in spiritual darkness.

29. For when they have taken this punishment upon themselves, they must also bear it.”

30. And when the people heard this, they were frightened and terrified.


The Most Important Commandment


31. But when the Pharisees heard that Immanuel had sealed the mouth of the Sadducees, they gathered and consulted.

32. And one of them, a scribe, tested him asking “Immanuel, which is then the foremost command of the Law?”

33. But he spoke, asking “Whose Law do you mean? Are you thinking of Caesar`s Law, or are you thinking of God`s Law, or are you thinking of the Law of Creation?”

34. But the scribe said “I am thinking of the Laws of all three.”

35. And Immanuel said “The highest commandment in the Law of Creation is this: attain the wisdom of knowledge so that you can follow the Laws of Creation wisely.

36. But the highest commandment in God`s Law is this: you shall respect God as ruler over the Wisdom King of the three human races.

37. But the highest commandment in Caesar`s Law is this: you shall be subservient to Caesar, and obey his Laws and pay him tithe, for he is the ruler of the people.

38. These are the foremost and greatest commandments of the three, special according to their kind.

39. But the second is this, and it is similar to the first, only Creation shall be called Almighty, for only it is perpetual and timeless.

40. For God and Caesar are transient, but Creation is eternal.

41. For on these two commandments rest the whole Law and the prophets.

42. God`s Laws, and Caesar`s, are human Laws that uphold law and order among people.

43. But the Laws of Creation are the Laws of life and the spirit, thus they are eternal and constant.

44. But even the human spirit is eternal, for how should Creation itself perish?

45. Even if a person dies, the spirit continues living, and it departs from this side and goes to the other side, where it continues learning

knowledge and wisdom.

46. The greater the wisdom the spirit reaches, the greater the degree of self-determination of its future, so that it decides its return and its future activity.

47. And so, as even I am a prophet who knows the future, I tell you that I shall return as God`s substitute and then I shall deal with all those who live according to erroneous teachings, and who cause the depreciation of the wisdom of the spirit.

48. And when the Pharisees were gathered, Immanuel asked them “What do you think of me, whose son am I?”

49. They said “David`s son.”

50. He said to them “How can I be David`s son, when he died long ago and I am begotten by the guardian angel Gabriel?

51. And have you not read that David called me Lord, when he said

52. “The Lord has told my Lord, sit at my right hand, till I lay your enemies beneath your feet, for you are my foster son and my successor.”

53. So if David calls me his Lord, how can I then be his son?”

54. And no one could answer a single word. But in secret they said “He blasphemes God and the prophets, let us attempt to catch him and kill him, for he is also a danger to our position since we will no longer be held in regard by the people.


Chapter 24

Countering the Scribes and the Pharisees


1. And Immanuel spoke to the multitude and the disciples saying “On the chairs of the prophets sit the scribes and the Pharisees.

2. All that they tell you now, do not do it and do not keep it, and neither shall you copy their actions.

3. They teach you a false doctrine, which they and their ancestors have falsified so they might gain from it.

4. They bind heavy burdens and lay them on the shoulders of humanity,

but they themselves would not touch them with a finger.

5. All their actions they do to be seen by the people.

6. They make their prayers long and the hem of their garments broad.

7. They like to sit first at the table and in the synagogue.

8. And wish to be greeted in the market square and be called masters by the people.

9. But you shall not let yourselves be called masters, before you have learnt the knowledge of wisdom.

10. And you shall not let yourselves be called teachers, before you follow the Laws of Creation.

11. For the one who lets himself be called master and teacher, and does not possess the wisdom of knowledge, he will be accused of lying.

12. For the one who exalts himself unjustly, he shall be cast down, and the one who wrongfully abases himself, he shall be scorned.

13. The one who is great in spirit, he shall call himself great, and the one who is small in spirit, he shall call himself small, and the one who is mediocre in spirit, he shall call himself mediocre.

14. It is unwise and stupid of a person to be called greater or lesser than he is.

15. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites, who block the spiritual development of humankind. You yourselves shall not so easily achieve it, and the ones who will achieve it, you obstruct with false doctrines.

16. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites, who devour the widow`s houses and for appearances sake perform lengthy prayers, therefore you shall live the longer in spiritual darkness.

17. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites, who travel through the lands and over the seas to gain an adherent of Judaism, and when he is made, you turn him into an irrational and senseless child who labours under a false doctrine, doubly as much as yourselves.

18. Woe unto you, you blind guides of false doctrine, when you say: If someone swears by the temple, then such and such does not apply, but if someone swears by the gold in the temple, then it is binding.

19. You fools and blind men, you who are the offspring of the evil one, why do you let them swear, when you well know that the oath is not binding but is a meaningless action?

20. Or if someone swears by the altar, it does not apply, but if someone swears by the offering gift, it is binding.

21. You blind and false teachers, by what right do you demand, or take, an oath, in spite of the Laws of Creation stating that no oath shall be sworn? The word shall always be only no, no or yes, yes.

22. Therefore, the one who swears by anything on Earth or in the universe, he swears by something transient that has no permanence, and thus the oath also has no permanence.

23. But the one who swears by Creation or its Laws, he swears by something he does not have power over, and thus, this oath also has no constancy.

24. Therefore, anyone who swears by anything at all, insults the truth of his word, and brings it into doubt.

25. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites, who pay a tithe of mint, marjoram, dill, and cumin, but have omitted the most important part of the Law, namely free access to knowledge and the truth of Creation.

26. Woe unto you, you blind guides of a herd of blind men, when you say: this you must do, and that must not be left undone, for you are spreading a false teaching.

27. You blind guides who strain a gnat, and swallow camels that you are incapable of digesting.

28. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites, who clean the outside of the cup and platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess.

29. You blind men, you scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites and distorters of the truth, cleanse first that which is within the cup, then the outside will also be clean.

30. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites, you are like whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but within are full of stench, and the bones of the dead, and putrefaction.

31. Such are also you, outwardly you appear meek and good, but within you are filled with hypocricy, and falseness, and iniquity.

32. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites, who raise grave stones to the prophets and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous and say

33. “If we had been living in the days of our fathers, we would not have been accomplices with them in the blood of the prophets.”

34. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites, who in secret call on the dead of common folk, to speak with them, and you believe them.

35. But they only express their opinion of that, which they already in life had a wrong understanding of.

36. You are thus, not great enough to be able to call unto yourselves those of the dead that are wise and could tell you the truth.

37. Wherefore, you be witnesses unto yourselves, that you are children of those who killed the prophets and falsified their teachings.

38. Well, fill you then the measure of your fathers, thus you shall end your lives in ignorance and find it difficult to learn in future.

39. You spawn of snakes and vipers, how great would you not be in spirit, in spite of not having any sense?

40. But upon you, shall come all the righteous blood which due to you has been shed upon the Earth, all the way from the first prophet that your fathers and forefathers murdered, unto the blood of Zacharias, son of Barachias, whom you slew between the temple and the alter, but also all the blood which in future is shed because of you.

41. Truly, truly I say to you, all these things shall come upon your race, even into the distant future.


Chapter 25

The Prophecy


1. And Immanuel left the temple, and his disciples came to him asking that he show them the temple buildings.

2. But he said to them “Do you see all this? Truly I say to you: There shall not be left one stone upon another here, that shall not be thrown down.

3. For the Jewish Nation acts unjustly against life, and it violates the truth, and it has built this city on human blood.

4. Through plunder and murder it has seized this land, and killed their friends with whom they drank wine.

5. In this way, they betrayed their own friends, and murdered them for the sake of their own gain, but the same destiny will slay them.”

6. And as he sat on the Mount of Olives, his disciples came to him saying “Tell us when these things will happen.”

7. But he replied, saying “Take heed that no one deceives you!

8. For many shall come in my name and say “I am Immanuel!” and many will be deceived.

9. The people shall hear of war and the cacophony of war, and they shall see it, but be not afraid, for this has to happen. But that is not the end.

10. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be famines, and earthquakes, and floods, in diverse places.

11. All this is the beginning of the birth pangs.

12. Soon, people with knowledge shall be delivered up, and be afflicted and slain, and they will be hated because of their wisdom and the truth of their teaching.

13. The numerous cults will rise against each other, so that blood flows in great quantities.

14. Then many will become unscrupulous and betray one another, and hate one another since they have remained small in spirit.

15. And because faithlessness gains the upper hand, the love of many shall wax cold.

16. And hate will rule the world and evil will reign.

17. But the one who holds firmly to the truth, will endure.

18. And these teachings shall be preached in all the world for all of humanity to know, and then the end shall come.

19. When humankind shall see the abomination of destruction by the city of Jerusalem, which has already been spoken of by the prophets, then the end shall come.

20. Those who are in Judaea at this time, let them flee up into the mountains.

21. And the one who is on the rooftop must not come down to take anything out of his house.

22. Neither let him who is in the fields return to take his clothes.

23. And woe to those who are pregnant and who have infants at that time, for they shall be tormented and perish, and they shall be many.

24. For soon a great catastrophe shall occur, such as never happened since the beginning of the world. No, nor ever shall be again.

25. And unless those days would be shortened, there would be no human left alive, but for the sake of the spirit and the for sake of wisdom, those days shall be shortened.

26. And for the sake of those people who serve the truth and the Laws.

27. But there shall be lamentation and gnashing of teeth when that time dawns, all due to humanities senselessness, and because of their excess.

28. They will build metallic machines and they shall be found in the air, and the sea, and on land, and people shall exterminate each other.

29. And out of the metallic machines they hurl heavy projectiles over the land and the city.

30. And fire is released from the projectiles, and the world is

incinerated, so that not much is spared.

31. The building blocks of life will be put into the projectiles, so that these, thereby, generate the deadly fire.

32. And if by that time, the Sons of Heaven should not come to stop it, truly I say to you, no human would survive.

33. If humankind at that time amounts to ten times five hundred million people, then two parts of these will be killed and exterminated.

35. This according to the Law, since humanity has violated it.

35. If people are told afterwards; Behold, here is this Immanuel, then believe it not.

36. For many a false Immanuel and many false prophets shall then appear, and they shall perform great signs and wonders, so much so that-if it were possible-even the wise and knowledgeable would be deceived.

37. This I have already told you in advance.

38. Wherefore, if they should say to you; He is in the desert, then go not forth, and; Behold he is in the chamber, believe it not.

39. For I will certainly return at that time, in such a way that I will let myself be recognized.

40. This is according to the Law, and it will come to pass.

41. For as a streak of lightning lights up from its beginning to its end, such will be my return amongst the rulers of the Sons of Heaven, with whom I at that time have my future life.

42. People of all ages should bear in mind; Wheresoever the carcass is, there the vultures will gather, and they should beware of them.

43. But immediately after the chaos of that time, the sun and the moon will lose their shine, and the stars fall from Heaven, and the powers of Heaven shall be shaken.

44. The system of the heavens has been disturbed by a force, developed in folly by humankind, those who live there with a desire for power and greed.

45. But soon thereafter, a sign shall appear in the heavens and directly all the human races of Earth shall lament, and they shall see the Sons of Heaven in the clouds, those who will attack ignorance with great power and sternness.

46. Since God is the ruler of the three human races, he will let corrective measures be taken among them, through his deputies.

47. People are responsible for their actions before God, and he is their ruler, therefore His Laws must be followed, and He be regarded as the greatest of all Wisdom Kings.

48. Therefore, He shall send his guardian angels with a great sound of trumpet, and they shall gather His faithful from the four winds and from one end of the Earth to the other.

49. Learn a parable of the fig tree, when its branch is yet tender and sprouts leaves, you know that summer is nigh.

50. Likewise for the people of the time, when they see all these things, then they know what is at hand.

51. Truly, truly I say to you, this will be, and this race shall not pass till all these things are fulfilled.

52. Heaven and Earth shall perish, and even the universe, but my words will not perish, for they are the words of truth within the Laws of Creation.

53. The day and the hour when all this happens no one knows, neither the guardian angels of God, neither I, Immanuel, only God who possesses the greatest wisdom.

54. He is the ruler of these human races and to Him is due honour and praise, just as He also honours and praises Creation which is above Him.

55. If people thus honour Creation as the absolute highest, they in truth do right.



Chapter 26


1. God`s Laws shall be followed and be respected.

2. As the Laws of Creation are the Laws of the spirit, they are also God`s Laws of order and life.

3. God also has certain Laws for the system of justice as guidelines for life.

4. In this way, commandments and Laws apply for the path a person must take in wisdom and sagacity so that he becomes righteous.

5. In as much as the Laws of Creation and God`s Laws are adhered to, people themselves do not need to issue any laws at all.

6. The Laws of Creation and God`s Laws shall be followed, for only they are valid.

7. But if people depart from these Laws, they create their own egotistical and erroneous laws.

8. As human beings are weak in spirit, the laws they issue are also without power, and like the false doctrines.

9. If humankind allow themselves to be disdainful of the Laws and commandments of Creation and God, they are forced to create their own laws, which however are full of mistakes, they all lead to confusion.

10. Human laws and commands breed murder and evil, and the evil spreads and takes the upper hand, so that people no longer are able to control it.

11. Laws and commands only have value if they spring from wisdom and thus are logical.

12. But logic presupposes wisdom and insight.

13. Human laws and human commands are powerless if they are not grounded in the Laws of Creation, just as God`s Laws are grounded in them, those which He in His wisdom established.”


Reflections on Wisdom


14. “Truly I say to you, knowledge must be learned from the Laws of Creation, which humanity will find in Nature.

15. But if people do not think, and seek, they will not be able to attain knowledge and they remain fools.

16. The wise do not bemoan things that are lost, neither the dead, nor that which happened in the past.

17. But fools cry over things that are not worth crying over, and thereby they magnify their worries and increase their distress and misery.

18. The one who has acquired knowledge in rich measure and lives according to the Laws, he does not allow anything in Creation to be caused any additional suffering, however little, if it be without fault.

19. A fool and a madman, who does not control his temper, regards harm as an advantage, and advantages as harmful, and regards great suffering as happiness.

20. Therefore, if humankind do not follow wisdom, and do not seek knowledge, and do not understand the Laws, then foolishness and vices are born in them.

21. The dishonourable, the stupid, the sulkers, the miserly, the mean, the rough, and the angry, all of them are damaged so that they become weaker in spirit.

22. If a person, daily, and in an appropriate manner, receives even a little bit of wisdom in spirit, he grows, like the changeable light during the waxing of the moon.

23. Wisdom is humanities` highest good, and the source of the will to, and the control over, love and happiness.

24. A fool who waits for destiny instead of being active, is heading for shame and harm, like an unburnt earthen jar in the water.

25. The one who tends to a milking cow always has milk, the one who harvests has plenty of fruit, which supports wisdom and uses it through the power of the spirit.

26. Every Law of Creation should be taken notice of, and having found it, take it to heart, for the Laws are the greatest wisdom.

27. No eye exists which compares to wisdom, no darkness which compares to ignorance, no force which compares to the power of the spirit, and no terror which compares to paucity of spirit.

28. There is no greater happiness than wisdom, and no better friend than knowledge, and no other liberator than the power of the spirit.

29. The one who has sense, let him understand my words so he becomes wise and knowledgeable.”




Saul`s Erroneous Teaching


30. And when Immanuel had finished all these sayings, behold a man called Saul came to him saying

31. “You preach a new teaching, and it was strange to me from the very beginning, stupid it seems to me, and I think even your very spirit is confused.”

32. But Immanuel said “Why do you say to me that I should be confused in spirit, when instead it is yourself who is confused in spirit?

33. Truly I say to you, as surely as you are Saul, and pursue me and my disciples for the sake of my teachings, you will have to change your point of view.

34. Henceforth, you shall be called Paul, and go forth to all the directions of the wind and make amends because you have called my teaching false and my spirit confused.

35. But you shall also take upon you great blame, because you in your foolishness, perceive my teachings mistakenly, and even preach them thus.

36. Your speach will be misleading, and the world in all wind directions shall become subservient and enslaved by the false teaching.

37. In this way, you will, by your false teachings, cause the land of the Hellenes to be oppressed by a cult of ill fortune, and even let them call me The Anointed One.

38. Due to your lack of understanding, I shall be called Jesus Christ which means The Anointed One.

39. And because of your foolishness, human blood shall be shed in this name, so much so that vessels cannot hold it.

40. You still persecute me and my disciples due to my teachings, but soon will come the time when you change your point of view.

41. When you meet me again and you think you have an apparition before you.

42. Truly I say to you, like many others, you will bear a large part of the blame for the falsification of my teaching and for humanity establishing false cults.

43. But you will be the foundation stone of the foolishness that will lead to me being called Jesus Christ and The Saviour within a false cult.”

44. And Immanuel was infuriated, and took hold of a stick and chased away Saul.

45. But Saul joined forces with Juda Ihariot, the son of a Pharisee, and they consulted on how they would catch Immanuel and deliver him to the executioners, for his whole being was inflamed by lust for revenge.




46. When Saul had departed, Immanuel called his disciples together and spoke to them saying “You know that in two days’ time is the Feast of the Passover, and I shall be delivered to the court to be crucified, as it is predestined, so that I can learn from it.

47. But my traitor will be Juda Ihariot, the son of a Pharisee, for he aspires only to gold, and silver, and possessions.

48. So he will betray me for thirty silver coins, since he is misled by his father’s greed.

49. But his joy over the silver will not last long, for his disposition is shaky and changeable, so that he will soon feel that blame rests on him.

50. But when Juda Ihariot has lost courage and is depressed, he will put his belt around his neck, and hang himself from a branch.

51. Truly, truly I say to you, even if the suicide of Juda Ihariot seems to be just, it is however, wrong.

52. For humankind do indeed have free will over themselves, but they do not have the right to decide over their life or their death.

53. The Laws provide that a person shall live their life until its end, so that their spirit in this way is perfected.

54. But if they pre-empt righteousness by committing suicide, they diverge from the Law and counter-act the plan of Creation and even the Law of Creation.

55. Realize from this, that human beings do not have the right to decide over their own life and their own death.

56. They only have the right to decide over how they conduct their life, but not over life itself, neither over death.

57. The Law states that a suicide is not lawful under any circumstances.

58. Neither shall a suicide be carried out by a third party, that is to say, by a hired killer or a mercy killing.

59. However much guilt a person takes upon himself, and however great the load and the burden is, they never have the right to decide over their death by themselves.

60. Even if Juda Ihariot, commits a heinous crime, he can never gain the right to decide over his life and his death.

61. Every trespass, and every fault, is the way to experience and insight, out of which the spirit perfects itself.

62. But if a person escapes a trespass or a mistake by committing suicide, he misses out on the insights and he must then experience them in another life.

63. But thereby the development of the perfection of spirit is distorted, which thus, is not the will of Creation.

64. Suicide is, in one way or the other, common cowardice which also offends the Law of Creation.



Chapter 27

The Agitation of the Disciples


1. But when Immanuel had finished these sayings, the disciples were in uproar and said “Why do you not catch Juda Ihariot and stone him, so he cannot betray you?” 

2. But Immanuel was angered by them and said “Do you not understand what I have foretold you, that I will be crucified so I can gain a certain experience?

3. How can you allow yourselves to be disdainful of the decisions of the Law when it is preordained thus?

4. In the way that I walk my path, every person will be obliged to walk their path.

5. Truly I say to you, if I do not follow my destiny, how should I be able to carry out my task, which will lead me to India?

6. You disheartened doubters, how have I not attempted to teach you the truth, and yet you do not realize it.

7. How can it then be so difficult to grasp, that you will corrupt my teaching after my departure, and spread it to all the winds as an erroneous teaching and a false cult?

8. So that the world in all the wind directions will be led astray, and resound with a wrong teaching`s preaching.

9. Many of you shall be to blame for humankind not becoming aware of the truth, such as I however, have taught it to you.

10. You will meet a strong response in the world to your false teachings, those that you propagate.

11. Even though you have not understood my words of wisdom and the truth in my teachings.

12. By blindness are you struck, just like the rest of the people, as the prophets have predicted of this Nation.

13. In as much as I have fulfilled my mission here with this Nation of people, and not been able to teach them insight since they think against reason,

14.  I will depart from here unto both the other human races in the North and the East, for also they shall be offered the teaching of truth.

15. Just as this race is under the guidance of God, so are also the other two under Him, for He is the ruler of the three human races.

16. As God`s prophet I was sent here according to His will, to teach the three human races the new teachings.

17. Therefore, I must walk my path as was decided by God, so that I serve His will and His Laws, just as God himself serves the Laws of Creation.”


In Bethany


18. And Immanuel finished his sayings and proceeded on his way to Bethany, to the house of Simon the leper.

19. Behold, when a woman came to him who had a glass of precious water, and she poured it over his head as he sat at the table.

20. But when his disciples saw this they were angry and adverse to it, saying “To what purpose is this waste?

21. This water might have been sold for a large sum, to buy resources for the poor.”

22. But when Immanuel heard this, he dealt severely with his disciples saying “Of what concern is the woman to you? She has done a good deed to me, for she believes my teaching and shows gratitude and nothing is too costly for her.

23. This woman has become wise, and she lives according to the Laws of Creation, therefore she thanks me with this precious water.

24. And her gratitude shall endure, and her action be told throughout the world in the future.

25. Truly, I say to you, wheresoever my teaching shall be preached in the whole world, be it false or true, there shall also what this woman has done be said in memory of her.

26. But just as the memory of her will be kept alive for a long time, a false piece of information, that one of you has betrayed me, will also be perpetrated.

27. While we are here together, the Pharisee`s son, Juda Ihariot, in Jerusalem, is plotting evil against me, to be able to betray me to the high priests.

28. While we are gathered here, he is asking the high priests what ransom they offer for me.

29. And he is offered thirty coins, so that they might catch me through him.

30. While they are plotting this conspiracy, they are also piecing together a plot against one of you, to have a guilty party amongst the people.

31. When Juda Ihariot, the son of the Pharisee, in this way delivers me to the executioners, my disciple Judas Iscariot will be regarded as the traitor.

32. So that it will be known among the people that; Behold, these misguided souls have fallen out among themselves, for the one betrays the other, how can Immanuel`s teachings be true?

33. But since Juda Ihariot, the son of the Pharisee, and my disciple Judas Iscariot have almost the same name, then the lie of the high priests will succeed from the very beginning.”


The Last Supper


34. And it came to pass, during the first days of the feast of the unleavened bread, that Immanuel said to his disciples “Go into the city, to someone, and say to him; Immanuel lets you know that he will celebrate a last meal with you together with his disciples, for behold the Passover is near.

35. And the disciples did as Immanuel had appointed them, and they prepared the meal.

36. And as they sat eating he said “Behold, the time is at hand when I must take upon myself the heavy burden.

37. I shall in truth, go through that which was written about me by the prophets.

38. However, I shall only be half dead and suffer severe pain but do not worry about me and be not afraid.

39. Truly I say to you, henceforth, I shall not drink this fruit of the vine, or eat from grains of bread, until the day when I again shall eat and drink with you.

40. When I am risen from having been half dead after lying three days and three nights in the grave.

41. And when they ate, Immanuel took the bread and broke it, and gave it to the disciples, saying “Take and eat, the body needs nourishment also in times of distress and sorrow.

42. And he took the cup and gave it to them, saying “Drink from it, all of you, the throat thirsts even on a cold and rainy day.

43. Truly I say to you, the wise person does not feel hungry or thirsty on account of all manner of things that have to happen.

44. But a fool hungers and thirsts due to lack of reason and complaints against the inevitable.

45. And truly I say to you, since you do not understand my words, and I take offence at that,

46. Then you will be offended by me this night, as your reason is not always illuminated by knowledge.

47. But when I am risen from the grave, I will go before you into Galilee, so that you will realize the truth of my words.

48. I have taught you wisdom and the truth but you are still doubtful and do not believe me.

49. You disheartened people of little faith, how frightened and confused shall you not be, when I meet you again after having been half dead!”

50. But Peter answered him saying “Even if all others provoke you, I would never do such a thing.”

51. But Immanuel said to him “Truly I say to you, you are the worst, for in this night, before the cock crows you shall deny me thrice.

52. And Peter retorted “Never shall that be, though I should die with you, I would never deny that I know you.”

53. Likewise said all the disciples, and they did not believe his words.


Chapter 28

In Gethsemane


1. Later when they left the house in Jerusalem, Immanuel went with his disciples to the farm Gethsemane which belonged to a man who was kindly disposed towards Immanuel.

2. In the large garden of the farm he said to his disciples “Sit here while I go and in and devote myself to my thoughts.”

3. And he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, and began to be sad and doubtful for he was anxious.

4. And he said to them, behold, indeed I am wise and have a wide knowledge, but I am still anxious about the coming events, for this is typical of human beings.

5. My soul is sorrowful unto death, tarry therefore with me and watch with me so that I will not be lonely.

6. For it is easier to bear suffering in twos or threes than alone.

7. If God be willing, may this cup pass me by, nevertheless, not as I will, but His will be done, for He has determined thus for me.

8. But as he spoke thus, Judas Iscariot came up to them saying “Hear me, over there by the city walls things are happening in the shadows, I just saw some shaded light.”

9. But Immanuel said “Those are probably the assistants who Juda Ihariot is leading, for he has followed us here in secret to betray me.”

10. And he went away a little further, fell on his face and wept, saying “If it be possible, let this cup pass me by, nevertheless, not as I will, let happen the provisions of the Law, so that I may become enlightened in this secret.”

11. And he returned to his disciples and found them asleep, and said to Peter “Could you not watch with me one hour, so I avoid being lonely in this difficult moment?

12. Watch and be great in spirit, so that you do not enter into temptation! The spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak.”

13. He went away again a second time, and fell on his face saying “If it be not possible that this cup pass me by, then I will drink it, to become enlightened in this secret and fulfil my task in far lands.”

14. And he came and found them asleep again and only Judas Iscariot watched with him.

15. And then he left them, and went away even further, and fell on his face a third time, weeping bitterly and saying “How anxious I am, even though I know I must walk my path which has been laid down for me.

16. How willing is the spirit and how weak is the flesh which fears the pain.

17. And his whole body trembled and real blood ran over him since he was very much afraid.

18. Red in the face he came to his disciples saying “Will you now sleep or rest, or will you watch with me? Behold, the hour is at hand when I shall be delivered into the hands of the assistants.

19. Rise, let us be going, for behold, the executioners come.”


The Capture


20. And while he was still talking, behold, then came Juda Ihariot, the son of the Pharisee, and with him he had a great multitude with swords and staves, from the chief priests and the elders of the people.

21. And Juda Ihariot had given them a sign saying “Behold, I will flatter him and deceive him, as though I repented my life.

22. A kiss shall serve as a sign of false flattery and behold, whomsoever I shall kiss is the one, hold him fast.”

23. And forthwith he came to Immanuel saying “Hail to you, master, you who make me regret my old life, so that I henceforth will follow your teaching.”

24. And directly he touched Immanuel and kissed him.

25. But Immanuel said to him “My friend, why have you come to tell me lies? For in your soul treason is burning.”

26. Then the assistants stepped forward to them and laid hands on Immanuel and took him.

27. And behold, one of those in the crowd suddenly changed his mind and took the side of Immanuel, to such a degree did he regret his actions.

28. He stretched out his hand and drew his sword and struck a servant of the high priests, cutting off one of his ears.

29. Then Immanuel said to him “Put up your sword into its place, for all those who take to the sword without being in peril, shall die by the sword.

30. Or do you think that I could not have fled before your crowd arrived?

31. But how should I have walked my path if I had done that?

32. And the man turned away and left, and he fled from there and was no longer seen.

33. But later Immanuel said to the multitudes “You have come out as against a murderer, with swords and staves for to take me.

34. It had been a simple matter for you to catch me in the city. Have I not sat daily in the temple, and have I not taught you, and you did not lay hold of me.

35. You hypocrites, surely you feared the people, that is why you come to me now, so that you in the dark and out of sight of the eyes of the people can throw me in jail.

36. Truly I say to you, darkness shall be light, and the talk on everyone`s lips shall be of your deed, so that you will be branded for a long time going forward.

37. But then Simon spoke, saying “How stupid your words are and full of lies, for why should we be afraid of the people?

38. You have taught the people falsehoods and called our teachings lies, wherefore you must be punished.

39. You have probably considered why you had not been captured and brought before the court, but you have made a miscalculation,

40. For one of those that were with you, did not have the same view as you, and he betrayed you for thirty silver coins, namely Judas Iscariot.

41. But Immanuel replied saying “Truly I say to you, you might succeed in accusing Judas Iscariot of betraying me before the people, but the truth shall be revealed and be on every person`s lips.

42. That Judas Iscariot is not the traitor, but it is your son Juda Ihariot, who bears the name of his father the Pharisee.”

43. Then Simon Ihariot was infuriated and stepped up to Immanuel and punched him in the face with his fist, since he feared his words.

44. But when this happened, all the disciples forsook him and fled.

45. But those that had laid hold of Immanuel led him away to Caiaphas, the high priest, where the scribes and the Pharisees and the elders were assembled, for they would judge him.




Immanuel before the High Council


46. But the chief priests and the high council sought false evidence against Immanuel to put him to death.

47. And although many false witnesses came forward, they found none.

48. Finally, two men came forward saying “He has said that God is not the Creator, but a person like you and me, and he also says

49. That he is begotten by a guardian angel of God called Gabriel.”

50. And the high priests stood up and said to Immanuel “Have you nothing to say to this, which these two witness against you?”

51. But Immanuel was silent and laughed softly, and the high priest said to him “I adjure you, by the living God, to tell us that you should have been begotten by the angel Gabriel, who is God`s angel, as it has been preserved in the scriptures.”

52. Immanuel said to him “You say so. But I also say to you that God is not Creation, but the Lord of the three human races who were created by his will.

53. God has come from the depths of the universe, and has brought the world under His will, and He is the highest emperor of the three human races.

54. Of which the one is in this land, the other in the North, from the land of the horn bedecked kings to the sea where the icy mountains shoot up out of the water.

55. But there are seven human races, living in all directions of the wind from one end of the Earth to the other.

56. And God is also their Lord, even though they serve other Gods who also are not of this Earth.

57. But if you hold God to be Creation, then you are mistaken and offend the truth.

58. For as you and I are people, so is God a person, only spiritually of a much higher standing than the human races He has created.

59. God and His Sons of Heaven are another human race that came from the stars in their metallic machines.

60. Above God and His Sons of Heaven, who are the guardian angels, is Creation, indefinable and much higher than they.

61. For Creation is the indefinable secret which gives birth to life, and it is thus immeasurably far above God .

62. Realize the truth of this teaching, so that you preserve knowledge and wisdom in truth.

63. Then the chief priests tore his clothes and said in anger “He blasphemes against God the Creator, what other evidence do we need? Behold, now we have heard his blasphemy.

64. What do you think, what does he deserve?” They replied saying “He is guilty unto death.”

65. Then they punched him with their fists and spat in his face.

66. And some hit him from behind, saying “Tell us great Wisdom King, you who are son of a Son of Heaven, who is hitting you?”

67. But Peter had followed Immanuel and the crowd, and had hidden among the people who peered through the gates and the windows, so he also saw what befell Immanuel.

68. But then a damsel came up to him saying “Are you not one of those who are disciples of this Immanuel from Galilee?”



Chapter 29

Peter`s Denial


1. But when Peter was asked this by the girl, he denied it saying “Why do you accuse me of foolishness? For I do not know what you mean.”
2. But as he became frightened by the girl`s question, he wanted to flee from the place, for he feared for his life.

3. But as he went out by the door, behold, another woman saw him and said to them that were there “This fellow was also with the blasphemers from Nazareth.”

4. But again Peter denied it, lifting his hand in an oath and saying “Truly I know nothing of this disturbed man.”

5. But when Peter left the building, those that stood outside came forward and they said to him “Are you not also one of those who served this Immanuel? Your manner of speaking betrays you.”

6. Then he spoke, and again abused Immanuel, cursing and swearing “I know nothing of this disturbed person, neither of his blasphemous teachings.”

7. And immediately the cock crowed three times, and he thought of the words of Immanuel, and at once he went out and wept bitterly.


The Suicide of Juda Ihariot.


8. But Juda Ihariot, the betrayer of Immanuel, was a member of the council who wanted to kill Immanuel.

9. When he now saw what befell him, and his bleeding face, he was struck by rue and suffered terribly.

10. In conflict with himself, he took his wallet and cast it down in front of the high priests and the elders of the council saying

11. “I have done evil by this person, for my soul only desired gold and silver and worldly goods.

12. I deeply regret that I have betrayed innocent blood, for his teaching does not seem false to me.”

13. But the high priests and the elders said “What is that to us? See, what you will do to come to terms with yourself is your own problem.”

14. But Juda Ihariot wept, and fled therefrom, and soon after he hanged himself behind the city wall in the potter`s field from the branch of a tree.

15. But the chief priests took the silver coins, saying “It is not proper that we put them in the offering chest, for it is blood money, what shall we do with them?”

16. But then the son of one of the elders came, and he said “I followed Juda Ihariot and he hanged himself in a tree in the potter`s field.”

17. The the chief priest, Caiaphas, said “Very well, then we will give the money to the potter, so that he sells us the potter`s field as a burial place for strangers.

18. And when the new day dawned the affair was settled, and the first on to be buried in that field was the betrayer of Immanuel, Juda Ihariot.

19. But the high priests and the elders of the council spread the rumour among the  people that Judas Iscariot, the disciple of Immanuel, had hanged himself and been buried in the potter`s filed.

20. Since the people believed this slander, they said “He betrayed his own for the sake of the silver, and what happened to him is just, in that he hanged himself.

21. He had taken the guilt of blood upon himself, and therefore the potter`s field shall in future also be called the field of blood.”


Before Pilate


22. But Immanuel was led before the governor, Pilate, and he asked him “Are you Immanuel, the one called King of Wisdom?”

23. He said “You say it, so I am called by the people.”

24. And Pilate asked him “It has also been said that you were begotten by the angel Gabriel, who is one of God`s angels?”

25. But then he said “You say so.”

26. And Pilate asked again saying “Let me hear your wisdom, for me it is your teaching.”
27. And Immanuel said “Behold, I am begotten by a Son of Heaven, for this happened by God`s will, He who is the ruler of the three human races.

28. Through His goodness I have been taught great wisdom and the correct knowledge, which was conveyed to me during forty days and forty nights by His teachers.

29. But apart from that I have travelled a lot to far off lands, and lived many years in India, and there I was taught many forms of knowledge and many secrets by the great masters, who over there are called guru`s.

30. And to there I will return when I have fulfilled my task and that in the company of my brother Thomas, who is a faithful disciple of mine.

31. And when they heard Immanuel`s words, the elders and the high priests were scandalized, and shouted to Pilate “Do you hear how he blasphemes?”

32. Then Pilate said to him “Do you not hear how gravely they accuse you? Will you not defend yourself?”

33. But Immanuel replied and said to him “Behold, it is my destiny to carry my burden and it is thus also so, that many oppose me and bear false witness against me so that I shall not find justice.

34. Truly I say to you, many hounds are the death of the hare, and many have an axe to grind.

35. But it is also usual among people that the most righteous is not treated justly, as many witness against him, just as only a few would witness against him if he were among the most highly regarded.

36. Justice rules only in Nature`s Laws since they are the Laws of Creation.

37. But among people righteousness is lacking, and things are decided by them according to reputation and importance.

38. Therefore I ask you, how should I expect any justice in my situation?”

39. But Pilate said “You are very wise who speaks thus, and I see no fault of yours therein.

40. The teaching you just spoke of, seems to me to be questionable, but I cannot see that guilt is presented, for each and everyone`s belief is right in his own eyes.

41. But as you have no words in defence against the accusations the high priests and the elders have brought against you, then I perceive your situation as not good, since their will is an order that I defer to.

42. But Immanuel did not answer him with never a word, at which the governor marvelled greatly.



Immanuel`s Sentence


43. But at the feast of the Passover, the governor Pilate was wont to release unto the people a prisoner, whom they would, even if he was a murderer and was sentenced to death.

44. At that time they had a notable prisoner called Barabbas.

45. And when the people were gathered together, Pilate said to them “Whom do you want me to release to you, the criminal Barabbas or Immanuel, of whom it is said that he is a King of Wisdom and the son of an angel?”

46. However, he well knew that the priests and the elders had persuaded the multitude, by giving them brass, gold and silver, that they should ask for Barabbas and let Immanuel be put to death.

47. For he well knew that they out of envy and hatred, had delivered him up, as his teachings found favour with the people.

48. And even Pilate`s wife had pleaded with him, saying “Have nothing to do with that righteous man, for I have suffered many things this night in a dream because of him, and I find his teaching to be good!”

Therefore, he was well disposed towards Immanuel.

49. But the multitude cried out loudly, and he asked again “Whom do you want that I release to you?”

50. But slowly the crying ebbed out, and then the governor spoke, asking the multitude a third time, saying “Which of the two do you want me to release to you?”

51. But the multitude shouted out saying “Release Barabbas to us.”

52. But Pilate asked them saying “Let it be, but what am I to do with this man about whom it is said that he is Immanuel, a King of Wisdom?”

53. But the multitude shouted out saying “Crucify him, let him be crucified.”

54. But the governor was unwilling, and asked in anger “What evil has he done that you would have him crucified? He has only taught you a new doctrine, and should he now pay for it with his life?”

55. But the multitude cried the more, saying “Let him be crucified, crucify him.”

56. But when Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing against the people who had been persuaded otherwise, without causing great unrest and tumult, he took a jar of water and washed his hands in front of the multitude, saying

57. “You see to it what you will do with him, he is the prisoner of the elders and the high priests, wherefore they can judge him. I have no issue with this righteous man and I am not to blame, I wash my hands in innocence before you.”

58. But then the multitude screamed noisily “He must be crucified, he must be crucified.”

59. And Pilate left Immanuel to the high priests and the elders and released Barabbas to the people.


Chapter 30

1. And the soldiers of the governor were in agreement with the high priests and the elders, and they dragged Immanuel into the court house and let the whole of the multitude in to him with them.

2. And they stripped him and wrapped a scarlet robe around him.

3. And platted a crown of thorns and put it on his head, and a reed in his right hand, and bowed their knees before him saying

4. “Hail, great Wisdom King of the Jews!”

5. And they spat on him and took the reed out of his hand and hit him on the head and blood ran down his face.

6. When he was wretched and bleeding, the chief priest Caiaphas asked him “How do you feel now, great King of Wisdom?”

7. But Immanuel kept silent and gave him never a word.

8. Then they hit him on the head again so that he groaned, and he began to speak.

9. “Truly I say to you, in the way that you beat and mock me, so shall you yourselves be beaten and mocked.

10. And the time shall come, within five times a hundred years, when you shall pay for this.

11. A new man will appear in this land, and he will take you hostage and persecute you, and you shall be forced to pay with your blood.

12. This man will bring forth a new cult and he shall let himself be called a prophet, so that he thereby will persecute you for all time.

13. Even though he will be a false prophet and bring forth a false teaching, he nevertheless has great power and he shall let your race be persecuted for all time.

14. His name will be Mohammed and his name shall imply terror, misery, and death for your race, as you deserve.

15. Truly, truly I say to you, his name shall be written in blood, and his hatred of your race shall be without end.

16. But as he is a false prophet who brings forth a new false doctrine, then his cult will also at some point be terminated, namely when his race and your race lay the foundation stone of the bloody end.”

17. And when he spoke thus, they boiled over with fury, and beat him a lot so that he broke down and whimpered.

18. And when they had beaten and mocked him, they took the robe off him and put his own raiment on him, and led him away to crucify him.

19. And they loaded a heavy wooden cross onto his shoulders, for he had to carry it himself to the place of death, to suffer the more.

20. But the cross was heavy and Immanuel groaned under the weight, and his blood mixed with sweat and became a loathsome mess.

21. But Immanuel collapsed under the heavy burden for his strength left him.

22. But when a stranger by the name of Simon from Cyrene stepped out on the road, they compelled him to help him carry his cross.

23. Soon they came to a place called Golgotha.

24. His way there was difficult, as he was beaten and mocked.

25. And they gave him wine to drink, mixed with the gall of animals.

26. And when he tasted thereof, he would not drink and they beat him so that he drank.

27. Later they forced him down on to the cross by beatings and blows, and nailed his hands and feet to the timber, and did then, for the first time ever, something not customary, for hitherto those that had been crucified had been tied down.

28. But when they had nailed him down and raised the cross, they shared out his garments and cast lots for them.

29. And they all sat there watching him, so that no one should come and take him off the cross.

30. And there were two murderers crucified with him, one on the right and one on the left, so that he was in the middle.

31. But those that were around mocked him and reviled him.

32. And they called out saying “You who are a King of Wisdom, save yourself then.

33. And you who are a son of a Son of Heaven and possess great powers, come down from the cross then.”

34. Likewise, also the scribes, and the Pharisees, and the high priests, and the elders reviled him, saying

35. “Others you have helped but you cannot save yourself. If you are a King of Wisdom come down now from the cross and save yourself, if you do that, we will believe you and your teaching.

36. He trusted in his wisdom, and in that he was the son of the angel Gabriel, so now his wisdom must deliver him, or the angel Gabriel if he cares for him.”

37. But likewise the murderers, who were crucified on his right and left, also mocked and reviled him.

38. But it happened that the sky clouded over and the sun darkened and a violent storm hit the land, which did not often occur at that time of year.

39. And the tempest lasted three hours before the sun reappeared in the clouds.

40. At this coincidence, Immanuel cried out in a loud voice saying “I am thirsty, give me something to drink.”

41. And straightaway one of them hurried off and took a sponge and filled it with vinegar, and he stuck it on a lance and let him drink.

42. But when the others saw this they criticized the man, saying “Stop. Do not give him more to drink, let us rather see how long he will last.”

43. And behold, a last great clap of thunder lit up the storm and caused the whole tract of the country to shake so that the field quaked.

44. At the huge crash of thunder, Immanuel cried out a second time, however no one understood him for his speech was confused.

45. But thereafter his head fell forward and he slipped into a half slumber so that they thought he was dead.

46. And it happened that a soldier took his lance and stabbed him in the side to see if Immanuel was dead.

47. But out of the wound flowed blood mixed with water, as is usually seen in dead or half dead people.

48. And therefore the soldier thought Immanuel was dead, and made the others aware of it.

49. And all marvelled at this, for it was not normal that those who were crucified died so quickly.

50. But when the soldiers said so, they believed it and departed from there.

51. But among them were quite a number of women and others watching from afar, as they were supporters of Immanuel and had ministered to him, and they had followed him from Galilee.

52. But among them was also Maria, Immanuel`s mother, and Maria Magdalene, and others.

53. But when the multitude had left, they came forward and knelt in front of the cross, weeping bitterly, for even they thought Immanuel was dead.

54. And among them was also Joseph from Arimathaea, who was a devotee of Immanuel.

55. But he quickly realized that Immanuel was only half dead, however he told no one.



The Burial


56. In great haste he hurried to the city, to Pilate, and asked him for the body of Immanuel for burial.

57. Then Pilate commanded that he be given it.

58. Many people went with him and took Immanuel from the cross, and Joseph wrapped the body in a clean linen cloth which he first coated so that it would make an imprint of Immanuel.

59. But Joseph of Arimathaea carried the body all the long way to Jerusalem and laid it in his own tomb, which he had hewn out of the rock for himself for when he would die.

60. And he rolled a large stone in front of the door of the sepulchre, and left to procure medicines with which to treat Immanuel.

61. But the entrance of the tomb was guarded by soldiers and Immanuel`s mother Maria, so that no one would enter there or steal his body.

62. But Joseph from Arimathaea looked up Immanuel`s friends from India, and they went back to the tomb where they entered by a secret second entrance, and they tended to him for three days and three nights, so that he soon was cured and regained his strength.

63. But the tomb was guarded on the other side by the soldiers, because the high priests and Pharisees had gone to Pilate saying

64. “Sir, we have been considering what this deranged person said while he was still alive; “I shall return after three days and three nights and rise again, for I shall only be half dead.”

65. But when it was confirmed by a soldier that he really was dead, then his grave could be guarded so that no one steals his body and says-Behold he is risen after all.

66. Command therefore that the sepulchre be guarded until the third day, so that the last fraud will not be worse than the first.”

67. But Pilate said to them “Then take my soldiers as guards, go on your way and make it as secure as you can.”

68. So they went and made the sepulchre secure, sealing the stone in front of the entrance.

69. But they did not know the secret of the tomb, that it had two exits and entrances, wherefore Immanuel`s helpers went to him unseen and applied healing salves and herbs on him, and on the third day he was again strong enough to walk.


Chapter 31

Immanuel`s Escape from the Grave


1. And when the celebrations of Passover were done and the first day of the week began to dawn, then the three days and three nights had passed after which Immanuel would come alive again from the half death, as he had said.

2. And behold, a huge boom filled the air, and from the heavens came a shining light that set down in the field not far from the tomb.

3. And out of the light came a guardian angel, and his countenance was like lightning and his raiment was white as snow.

4. And he walked to the sepulchre, and before him the soldiers yielded, terrified.

5. But he raised his hand, and from it emanated a sharp lightning light which hit the soldiers, one after the other.

6. And they fell down and did not move for a long time.

7. And immediately afterwards the guardian angel went to the tomb and rolled the stone away from the grave, and said to Maria, Immanuel`s mother, and to Mary Magdalene who both were there,

8. “Fear not, I know that you seek Immanuel who was crucified,

9. But he is not here, he is alive, as he said, come and see the place where he laid.

10. And go quickly and tell his disciples that he is risen from the half death.

11. And say to them, he is going before you to Galilee, there you shall meet him. Lo, this I have told you.”

12. But Maria asked, saying “But he was dead, and has lain here dead, how can he be risen?”

13. But then the guardian angel replied “Why do you seek the living among the dead?

 14. Go now and spread the message among his disciples, but carefully avoid letting anyone else know.”

15. And the guardian angel went back to the shining light and disappeared therein, and immediately another loud boom came from it, and it lifted high in the air and shot off heavenwards.

16. But Immanuel`s mother and Mary Magdalene went away and left the tomb.

17. But the soldiers came out of their immobile condition and marvelled greatly, and they hurried to the city and spread the news of what had happened.

18. And they met with the chief priests and the elders of the council, and held a secret consultation about what to tell the people.

19. And the chief priests and the elders gave the soldiers sufficient money, saying “Tell the people that his disciples came during the night while you slept and stole his body.”

20. And the soldiers took the money and did as they were told.

21. But Maria and Mary Magdalene went away and did as the guardian angel had commanded.

22. But behold, on the way the guardian angel met them again and he said “Be very aware of your task, be careful and say nothing to the people.”

23. But Mary Magdalene went up to the guardian angel who was clad in a bright white garment, and wanted to take his hand.

24. But he evaded her, saying “Do not touch me, for I am of a different kind than you, and my garment serves as my shield against this world.

25. If you were to touch me it would be the death of you, and you would die by fire.

26. Go away from me and go where you have been told.”

27. And they went away and met Peter and another disciple, and told them what had happened.

28. And Peter and the other disciple went up to the tomb, and the other disciple reached it first.

29. And he peered inside and saw the bundles of linen laid finely and carefully on the floor, and he did not enter.

30. But then Peter came, and went into the tomb and found everything just as  the other one, the bundles finely and carefully folded together and laid on the floor, and a sweat cloth which had been wrapped around Immanuel`s head, and salves and healing herbs which were all laid in a specific place.

31. Together with burnt clay figurines of a peculiar appearance, such as he never before had seen, and which thus were foreign to him.


Immanuel`s Meeting with His Disciples.


32. But in the evening of this day, the disciples were gathered in a room in the city, in the place where they had taken the last meal with Immanuel before Passover.

33. And while they were in the room talking to each other about the happenings of the day, behold, then the door opened and in came a stranger whom they had never seen before.

34. And they feared that it could be one of the Jews that would betray them.

35. But then the stranger spoke saying “Peace be with you.” And he removed the veil from his face and they recognised him, and it was Immanuel.

36. And when he said this, he showed them his hands and his side and his feet, and when they saw the wounds they were happy that he was among them.

37. But Thomas believed he saw an apparition, so he said “If I could touch the wounds I should know that you are not an apparition.”
38. Then Immanuel said “Reach out your hand and lay it on my wounds, so that you, of little faith, may believe.”

39. And Thomas did as he suggested, and touched his wounds and said “Truly it is you.”

40. But later Immanuel left them, saying “Keep the secret of my return so that it will not be known that I am alive.”

41. And behold, the next day the disciples made ready to depart to Galilee and spread the joyful news among the adherents of Immanuel.

42. But when some of the disciples had set off, behold, a wanderer joined them and walked with them part of the way.

43. And they were sorrowful and spoke to each other of how Immanuel had died on the cross.

44. But then the unknown wanderer spoke, asking “Why are you so sad?” And they told him what made them unhappy.

45. But then the wanderer said “Oh, how little faith you have, has Immanuel not told you that he would arise from being half dead, after three days and three nights?

46. As he told you, so it has happened.”

47. And as he spoke, he took the veil from his face and they recognized him, and it was Immanuel.

48. But he said not a word more, and hid his face again, and left. And he was not seen again for a long time.

49. But it came to pass, that the disciples were fishing in Lake Tiberias long after Immanuel had disappeared

50. And they caught nothing the whole night, wherefore they were discontented in the morning when the day dawned.

51. But when they reached the shore, a stranger stood there speaking, and he said “Have you not something to eat, for I am hungry?”

52. But they replied saying “No, for we have not caught even one fish during the night.”

53. But then the stranger spoke saying “Cast out your net on the right side of the boat, there you will have a plentiful catch.”

54. And they wondered at his words and cast out the net, and behold, they could not drag it in for the amount of fish.

55. And they came  ashore and prepared a meal, for they were hungry, just like the stranger.

56. And he bared his face, and behold it was Immanuel.

57. And when they were eating and were in good spirits, he said to them “Go away to Galilee, to such and such a mountain, where I will come to you, for our time together is at an end and everyone must go his own way.




Chapter 32

Immanuel`s Leave Taking


1. And they went away and up the mountain where Immanuel had told them to go.

2. And when they were gathered there, he spoke to them saying “Behold, one last time I shall speak to you, for afterwards I will depart, never to return.

3. My road takes me to India, where many from this Nation also live, as they have left this country to settle there.

4. My mission takes me to them and to the race which is born there.

5. I shall be on the way for a long time, for I must pass on my new teachings in many countries, all the way to the great Black Sea north of here.

6. But before I leave you, I shall nevertheless share with you my last admonition.

7. If humankind lives by the Laws of Creation, then they in truth do that which is right.

8. However, the final goal is this; everything human in people must die, but everything that is of Creation must arise and embrace Creation.

9. Regard the universe as a place where Creation lives infinitely.

10. All that humanity owns is sprung from Creation, and is thus the property of Creation.

11. The entire spiritual life of a person must be transformed and perfected, so that it becomes one with Creation.

12. When a person does something, he shall do it conscious of the presence of Creation.

13. But a person must never force the truth on another, for that would only be of half value.

14. First a person concentrates on his own spiritual development so that he gains Creation like harmony within himself.

15. No greater darkness reigns in people than non-knowing and non-wisdom.

16. A person`s victory consists in its greatness, in that he uproots and destroys every force which is contrary to the Creation like, so that which is similar to Creation is victorious.

17. Within himself, a person must develop discernment of good and evil, and the correct view of everything, so that he will be wise and just and follow the Laws.

18. The ability to discern is necessary, the real from the unreal, the valuable from the worthless, and that which is of Creation from that which is not of Creation.

19. A person must become a universal one-ness, so that he becomes one with Creation.

20. Model your life on the Laws, Nature`s Laws, then you will live according to the Laws of Creation.

21. A person`s suffering can be immense, but the power of Creation within him is immeasurably greater, therefore it conquers the evil.

22. If people live only being conscious of people, then they are inaccessibly distant from their spirit and also from Creation and its Laws.

23. The more devoted a person is to the Laws of Creation, the deeper is the peace he carries within himself.

24. The happiness of a person consists of seeking and finding the truth, so that he from it, can gather knowledge and attain wisdom, and thereby think and act in the spirit of Creation.

25. Only through the conditions of the human life, can a person develop and apply his powers of Creation in the spirit.

26. A person ought to train his powers and abilities daily, for only in this way does he attain experience in using them.

27. As long as a person is not one with Creation, he will not be able to meet death, and half death, with a smile.

28. He is anxious of the unknown, which is only apparent to perfection, for it is allknowing.

29. Instead of letting himself be led by instincts and impulses, he ought to live by insight and wisdom, and thereby righteousness, in accordance with the Laws.

30. A person should not lose his way in a forest of limitations but expand his spirit, and seek, and find, knowledge and wisdom.

31. So he draws nearer his life`s goal, and can discern the principle of Creation in all things.

32. A thousand lights help a person on her way, if only she would notice them and follow them.

33. A person will attain all of her knowledge and wisdom, if she sincerely strives for perfection.

34. The Laws serve everyone who is ready, in full measure, to seek truth and wisdom.

35. If they have control over themselves in all respects, and continuously develop their spiritual powers ever higher, and thereby perfect themselves.

36. A person should not fall into contemplation of the frailty of their body but devote themselves to the reality of the spirit and the existence of Creation.

37. A constant restlessness reigns in people, because they sense that Creation is their destiny and duty.

38. A person must be great and wise and good, but that is not enough, for he can always be greater and wiser and better.

39. Thus there are no limits to love and freedom and happiness, for that which is at the moment must always be surpassed.

40. Truly I say to you, a love which is boundless and continual and infallible, that is an unconditional and pure love, in the fire of which, all that is unclean and evil is burnt.

41. For such a love, is the love of Creation and also its Law, to which humankind is predestined since the primordial beginning.

42. In as much as this is the end goal of humankind, they should make sure that it is so, and becomes so, for that is their task.

43. But as yet, humanity does not understand the wisdom of this teaching, wherefore it will be falsified in all corners of the Earth.

44. Humankind corrupts it in their ignorance, into many different types and forms, until it becomes distant and incomprehensible.

45. But in two thousand years’ time, it shall be taught anew, and then it will be in an unadulterated form, when humanity has become clever and knowledgeable, and a new age ushers in great changes.

46. And it can be read in the stars that the people of that era shall be great transformers.

47. And also some special people, chosen ones, shall be the new preachers of my teaching, which they then will preach in unadulterated form and with great courage.

48. But you, go therefore out and make other people your disciples.

49. But beware of false teachings, which you in ignorance can be the source of, and which some of you have an inclination for.

50. Practice keeping to all that I have commanded you, so that you do not corrupt my teaching.”

51. And it came to pass, as he spoke to them thus, that a loud boom came from the heavens and a great light descended.

52. The light set down in the field close to them and the metal glittered in the sunlight.

53. But Immanuel did not speak further and went from there into the metallic light.

54. But then a fog sprang up all around, and the boom sounded again, and the light rose heavenwards once more.

55. And the disciples returned in secret to Jerusalem and preached what had happened among those of like mind.


Chapter 33


1. But Immanuel was put down by the great light in the land of Syria, and lived there in obscurity in Damascus for two years.

2. After this time he sent word to Galilee because he wanted to find out about his brother Thomas and his disciple Judas Iscariot.

3. But two months passed before they arrived to Immanuel, bringing bad news.

4. Thus spoke Thomas, saying “Your disciples have thoroughly corrupted your teaching, so that they allege that you are God`s son and furthermore that you are equated to Creation.

5. And the high priests and the elders persecute your followers and stone them, so they have actually caught them.

6. But Thomas, one of your disciples has fled, and rumour has it that he joined a caravan to India.

7. But a dangerous enemy of yours has come forth in a man named Saul.

8. By threats of murder, he attacks your disciples and those who are faithful to your teachings.

9. He writes letters to the synagogues throughout the whole country, with the intention that if anyone accepts your new teaching, he shall be bound and brought to Jerusalem.

10. It does not make any difference if it is a man or a woman or a child, for they shall all be guilty unto death.”

11. But Immanuel said “Do not be worried, soon the hour comes when Saul is given the remedy for his soul`s wickedness.

12. For he is surely on his way to Damascus, where he is tracking down you and Judas, to bind you and bring you to Jerusalem.

13. But I will appear to him before he reaches Damascus, and as he believes me to be dead, he will imagine he has seen an apparition.

14. And Immanuel went off to a friend who helped him with secret things in the form of powders, and salves, and noxious smelling liquids.

15. Well supplied with these things he departed therefrom out of the city and along the road to Galilee.

16. For two days he waited among the rocks, a day`s journey from Damascus, and made preparations for his illusion.

17. During the night he saw a crowd approaching, and in it Saul, the persecutor of his disciples.

18. And when they came close, he struck a fire and threw it into the mixture, so that a huge bright light flared up and the crowd were blinded.

19. But then it happened, that Immanuel spoke in a loud voice saying “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute my disciples?”

20. And Saul was terrified, and fell flat on the field crying “Who are you? Who speaks to me?”
21. And Immanuel replied saying “I am Immanuel, the one whom you persecute in your hatred, and likewise my disciples.

22. Get up and go to the city, and let yourself be taught that by which you should live.

23. But Saul was filled with dread and said “But you are the one who was crucified, since you are dead it is an apparition who speaks to me.”

24. But Immanuel did not answer him and withdrew and walked towards Damascus.

25. But the men who were Saul`s companions, stood still and were paralyzed with fear, for also they thought they had heard a ghost.

26. But Saul got up from the field and opened his eyes, however, he saw nothing, for they were severely blinded by the strong light that Immanuel had produced.

27. But his companions took him by the hand and led him to Damascus.

28. But for three days he could not see, and he did not eat nor drink.

29. In the meantime, one of Immanuel`s disciples came to him preaching the new teaching, so that he slowly picked it up.

30. But his mind was somewhat confused by the occurrence among the rocks, so that he misunderstood much of it and spoke in bewilderment.

31. In a state of some confusion he continued on his way, and left from there to preach nonsense to the people.

32. But Immanuel tarried another thirty days in Damascus, and let it be known that he would now leave the country and travel to India.

33. And his mother Maria came from Nazareth, and together with Immanuel, and Thomas, and Judas Iscariot, they took the route to India.

34. But Immanuel began preaching again, and teaching people whom he met on the road or whenever he came into a city.

35. New was the power in him, and greater was also his teaching than before.


Chapter 34

The Teaching of Creation


1. And Immanuel preached mightily, saying “Behold, above humankind and above God and above everything stands Creation.

2. To the human reason it seems to be perfect but it is not so.

3. Since Creation is spirit, and thus alive, it must also perfect itself eternally.

4. But as it is one in itself, it can only perfect itself by creating and giving life to spirit.

5. The newly created spirit is indeed a part of Creation itself but as yet ignorant of even the least.

6. But when a new spirit is created, which is ignorant of even the least, then it lives in a human body and begins learning.

7. An ignorant spirit seems stupid to people, and they say that this person must be mentally disturbed.

8. However, he is not at all so, for he is only ignorant and empty of knowledge and wisdom.

9. Therefore the new spirit has to live a life as a human to gather knowledge.

10. But if this spirit later goes over to the side of the hereafter, it is no longer as ignorant as at the outset.

11. And afterwards it returns to the world and lives as a human, but not as largely ignorant as at its outset.

12. Again it learns and gathers additional knowledge and new wisdom, so that it evermore escapes non-knowing.

13. And then comes the time, after many lives, when people say of this spirit that it is normal and not disturbed.

14. However, this is not the end for the spirit and the completion, for as well as knowledge it now seeks the greatest wisdom.

15. So that it perfects itself so far, that it evolves in creative ability and finally becomes one with Creation, as it was predestined to from its very beginning.

16. In this way Creation has formed a new spirit, and has let it perfect itself independently in a human body, and the perfected spirit returns to Creation and becomes one with it.

17. In this way Creation perfects itself in itself, for it is its knowledge and wisdom to do so.

18. Truly I say to you, the time when Creation ceases to form anew, and causes its own extinction, shall never come.

19. Certainly even Creation requires rest, the time when it sleeps and does not create, such as applies to everything that is alive.

20. Just as the human life has night and day, and has been separated into work and rest, so does also Creation have its time when it works or when it rests.

21. But the duration of the periods are different from those of humankind, for its Laws are the Laws of the spirit.

22. The Laws of humankind are, however, the Laws of the material life.

23. While the material life is limited, the life of the spirit lasts forever and knows no end.

24. But Creation is subjected to the Laws of primordial Creation, which is the beginning of everything and is brought forth out of itself.

25. But its secret is the immeasurable and is to be found in the number seven, which must be calculated in multiples.

26. But this falls under the secrets and the Laws, which can only be understood by human reasoning once it is perfected.

27. However it can be said, that for the wise person the Laws of life are not hidden, thus he realizes this and follows them.

28. Likewise, the wise person realizes that the secret of primordial Creation lies in, and must be calculated by, the number seven, when he has attained and possesses knowledge.

29. And that even Creation has a time when it works or rests, and which again is calculated by the number seven.

30. During seven ages of glory, Creation rested in the lap of slumber when nothing was, not even the universe.

31. Only Creation was slumbering within itself, and did not create any beings or anything.

32. But it awoke from its slumber during the seven periods of the seven great ages, and it began creating beings and everything.

33. But when it has rested for seven periods and seven great ages, it creates beings and everything, during another seven periods and seven great ages.

34. Until it again needs rest and falls anew into a deep slumber for seven great ages.

35. But when it again rests and falls into a slumber, then nothing shall be outside of it.

36. All beings shall no longer exist, nor anything.

37. Only Creation shall be within itself, during the seven great periods and the seven great ages, for it also has to rest and slumber till it awakens again, and then it shall create new beings and everything else.

38. But since Creation is one in itself, everything is one in itself.

39. In the way that humans, and everything in the plant kingdom, and in the animal kingdom, is one in itself, it is the Law of Creation that it shall be so.

40. Even if human beings believe that everything is two, it is not so, for all is one.

41. What people believe to be two, are one, therefore they will of two make one yet.

42. As the spirit in a human being is one with Creation, he is one with Creation, therefore they are not two.

43. Likewise, the body is part of the spirit but in another form and material, it is thus one with the spirit and is not two.

44. The teaching is that one-ness is, and no duality in any form.

45. So if it appears to humans as if a duality exists, they are the victims of a delusion, since they then think illogically and in accordance with human perception.

46. But if they think according to the knowledge of the spirit, they will find the logic which is also the Law.

47. Only the thinking of humankind can be deluded but the Laws of Creation cannot be wrong.

48. Therefore, it is also said that everything springs from a one-ness, and duality is only an illusion, which humans in their shortage of understanding do not comprehend.

49. In this way, all is a one-ness and everything springs from it, no duality whatsoever can live, since it would violate the Laws of Creation.

50. Therefore, people should make the two, one, and think and act according to the Laws of Creation.

51. For only in their ignorance do people construct a duality and violate the Laws of Creation.

52. But if they do everything in one-ness, and make everything one, then if they say to a mountain “Vanish!” it vanishes.

53. If everything then, is one in Creation and its Laws, and in beings, and in matter, then all this is faultless.

54. So if a wise person says that things are two, then he means that they are one in themselves and one together.

55. It is only an illusion that they are two, for in themselves and also together, they are always one.

56. If the evil is one in itself, while in the same proportion there is good in itself, then is also the good, one in itself, while there is the same amount of evil in itself.

57. If they thus are divided and yet one, they are undivided also one, for this is the Law of Creation.

58. It follows then, that illusion is two parts, which however are one in themselves and they are also one undivided.

59. But if people say that a trinity also is to be found, then their spirit is deceived by all sorts of cults, or by corrupted doctrines, or by distorted thinking.

60. A one-ness is always created in two parts that are one in themselves, so it is only an illusion that they are a duality.

61. If human beings also are a one-ness in two parts, then the spirit is a one-ness in two parts, but both are also one in themselves and one together.

62. Without the spirit the body cannot live, but the opposite is also true, for spirit and body are a one-ness, even though they seem to be two.

63. But the spirit lives by the same Law, for also it has two parts in itself, and is one in each part of itself, and also one in itself.

64. But the two parts of the spirit are wisdom and power.

65. Without the wisdom of the spirit its power cannot be utilized and likewise, wisdom cannot ensue without spiritual power.

66. Therefore, two things are always required which are one in themselves, so that a one-ness is a one-ness and not a duality.

67. The Law prescribes that a human being is a one-ness in himself, which however consists of two equal parts, which in themselves also are one, and undivided they are also one.

68. And the two parts of a human being that each in themselves are one, are the body and the spirit.

69. Even if it is taught by the scribes that humans live in a trinity, this teaching is erroneous and falsified, for it is not taught in accordance with the Laws of Creation.


Chapter 35

Cults Surrounding Immanuel


1. And it came to pass, that Immanuel, together with his mother and his brother Thomas, went away and into the cities by the sea in the North, where in ancient times the war-like woman stayed, but whose descendants now were peaceful.

2. And to them he preached the new teaching as he knew it, and had to flee from their cities as they wanted to kill him.

3. For their own doctrine was a severe cult, and those who propagated other teachings were punished by death.

4. But Immanuel was expelled by these people and fled, and they pursued him because he agitated against their cult.

5. But it came to pass, that as he was fleeing, he met a large caravan, and he joined it, with his companions, and journeyed into the land and into the mountains.

6. But when he arrived in the interior of the country, and had travelled through it for several weeks, they arrived at another sea and to the city of Ephesus.

7. But Immanuel was very afraid and did not preach his new teachings, to avoid being recognised by somebody.

8. For in Ephesus there were many people who were merchants and grocers, who came from Jerusalem to carry on their business there.

9. And among them were many who knew Immanuel and who were not well disposed towards him, so he avoided them and covered his face.

10. But the merchants and grocers had made the story of Immanuel known in Ephesus, and how it happened that he supposedly had died, something which had taken place two and a half years earlier.

11. But when he had lived in the city some days, behold, he was recognised after all by one of the merchants, who then told it on to one of his peers. They were members of a secret society that they called the Society of the Essenes.

12. Immanuel was led by them to a secret meeting, for they had to protect themselves from the people, since their secret society was illegal.

13. But among them was a man by the name of Juthan and he was the elder of the secret society in Jerusalem, and he spoke saying,

14 “Behold, that which happened in your life is well known to us but we do not know why you are still among the living, so tell us your secret.”

15. But Immanuel was afraid that he would be bound and taken back to Jerusalem if he related his story to the Society of the Essenes.

16. But he told them all that had happened to him and how he had fled from Jerusalem and come hither.

17. But Juthan, the elder, said “Behold, we are members of a secret society calling themselves the Society of the Essenes.

18. Our aim and our understanding is not exactly the same as what the scribes preach, but it follows the secrets of Nature and all which is inexplicable to people.

19. But you have great discernment, and have come a very long way, and surpass us wise men in your knowledge.

20. Therefore, become a member of our society and become one of us and teach us your knowledge.”

21. But Immanuel replied saying “If I should teach you my knowledge, it would not be consistent with your teaching, for while you are guided by human wisdom, I have a share of the spiritual wisdom.

22. Therefore, I believe our teachings would be hostile to each other.

23. And I also disapprove of communicating my knowledge and my teaching in secret, as you do, since you are the secret Society of the Essenes which is illegal.

24. But let me consider for and against for three days, so that I then can say yes or no, for I must first think everything through before I deliver a last word on this matter.”

25. But Juthan spoke saying “Let it be as you say, peace be with you, go, and let us know in three days and speak the word you wish.”

26. But Immanuel departed and fled out of the city with his companions and went east, far into the land.

27. And Immanuel spoke to his followers, saying “Behold, the Society of the Essenes live in a confused cult, nevertheless they do adopt much of my teaching.

28. Their old teaching though, is not the teaching of wisdom, thus it is erroneous and worthless.

29. But they have acknowledged it, and now also incorporate my teachings in their teachings, for thereby to create a new cult, and harass me by claiming me to be one of them.

30. They will say that I am connected to their society, and that I was helped by them right from the very beginning of my life.

31. But they will also say that my teachings came from their cult, and that they saved me from the cross.

32. And they will also say that my adherents were from their cult.

33. And they will say that I am the son of God.

34. But I say to you, that I was never part of the Society of the Essenes, and that I have nothing in common with them, and therefore I have also never been helped by them.

35. But it will not only be the society of the Essenes that will invoke me, for many cults shall rise up in my name and by this, regard themselves as great.

36. Also strange cults will come to glorify me, so that they will seem more trustworthy to the people, who thereby can be subjugated the more.

37. Numerous cults shall be established in my name but only for the reason of enslaving the people, so that the cult in this way gains power over the people, the land, and the money.

38. But I say that no cult is justified that does not acknowledge only Creation as the highest.

39. But there will be no cult that preaches the truth and wisdom and knowledge.

40. But this will only be so for two times a thousand years, then the time comes when my genuine teaching will be preached anew.

41. But by then the false cults will be so numerous that they can no longer be counted.

42. And they will be built on human blood, and on hate, and on excess, and money, and power.

43. But in the way that they are built up, so shall they again be destroyed, for truth shall prevail.

44. For no untruth exists that shall not be exposed as a lie.

45. And likewise, nothing hidden that will not be discovered.

46. A person must be able to discern that which is within view, and that which is hidden and is not detectable.

47. A person must be able to discern that which is within view and that which is hidden from her, it will be revealed to her if she seeks the truth and the explanation in the wisdom.

48. But truth lies deep and within the Laws of Creation, that is where humanity must seek and find it.

49. But the one who seeks, should not stop seeking until he has found.

50. And when he has found, he will be deeply shaken and astonished, but later he shall rule over all.

51. From this a person must realize that the Kingdom is within and without.


Chapter 36

Humankind and Creation


1. And it came to pass, that Immanuel preached about humankind and Creation, when he went eastwards with a caravan.

2. And he spoke saying “Humanity must look up towards the stars, for there sublime and majestic peace reigns.

3. Where the endless and timeless changes take place in unwavering order throughout days and months and years, and glide on towards centuries and millennia and aeons.

4. But humanity should also look down towards the Earth, for the activity of Creation is also there, and a timeless becoming and being, and the transition to ever new emergences.

5. Where Nature is left to itself, greatness reigns, and dignity, and beauty, and harmony.

6. But wherever the traces of human order in action are to be found, there is created smallness, and unworthiness, and ugliness, and discord.

7. But humankind, who with inflated chest calls itself the crown of Creation, does not comprehend Creation and places humankind on an equal footing with it.

8. However, this will not take humankind far, he who has mastered fire and who rules the Earth.

9. Indeed, they shall learn to tame the waters and the air but then they forget to respect Creation above them and its Laws.

10. And then they also refuse to seek truth and knowledge, and they forget to live peacefully as human beings among human beings.

12 And their battle cry will be the fight, for they would have power by force.

13. But when they think they have the power in their hands, they use it for slavery and bloodshed.

14. They will speak of honour and freedom and of knowledge, in spite of it really only being hypocrisy and force and false doctrine.

15. Thus shall human kind lose their face in future, and show an evil and false mask.

16. Many shall degenerate bestially, and end their earthly days in insanity.

17. The aspirations and desires of humankind will only be directed towards gain and power.

18. And according to their concepts, they shall divide the things of this world so that they can exploit them, without regard to the fact they thereby, in many ways, violate the Laws of Nature.

19. They no longer believe in the eternal truths which are anchored in the Laws of Nature.

20. And human knowledge shall rank higher, in their self-deceit, than the Laws of Nature and the values of Creation.

21. In their confusion, humankind will believe in the pitiful perception of life which they have created through the false doctrines of the cults, and from that which human laws prescribe, and from changes in the links between the governments of countries.

22. In so far as people shall cease to regard their being from an academic viewpoint, they will be forced to live by outer means.

23. Then they shall charm their fellow humans and the whole world by false means.

24. And wherever there still remains a shred of trust, even this they shall convert to mistrust and falsehood.

25. And thus he is therefore, further and further removed from the true life.

26. In this way, even the oldest and most fundamental principle of wisdom shall be lost to them: that for life, humankind are the centre of all things, for they are after all a part of Creation.

27. But the time shall come for humankind when they must turn around and lead themselves towards life`s eternal values.

28. But in the beginning only a few shall know that humans do not only live on Earth, but their spirit stretches into another world which cannot be understood with the usual senses.

29. But the other world is the true home of the spirit, therefore people ought to ceaselessly strive towards expanding and deepening their wisdom.

30. So that the spirit can be perfected and rise high and become one with Creation.

31. Truly I say to you, those who understand the wisdom of these words and gain insight, for them an obligation awakes therefrom to adapt their life in accordance with the eternal transformation towards Creation.

32. If a person is honest and also seeks, he will not house any preconceived notions and thus also not judge beforehand.

33. But the wise person is knowledgeable and knows the Laws of the eternal stream of constant transformation, and strives towards partaking in the great course of events.

34. For he acknowledges the Laws of creation that prescribe that the current round of existence must come to an end.

35. Everywhere that life arises, the invisible secret Laws are the basis of its continuous change.

36. But a person who does not respect, and does not acknowledge the timeless and everlasting Laws and the truth, takes upon himself serious consequences.

37. Lies and hatred blinds such a person, and entire Nations, so that they plunge into the abyss of their own ruin.

38. They shall be overcome by a blind rage of destruction, and among them, those regarded as the greatest heroes, are the greatest destroyers.

39. Disagreement shall imbue all human life, and where a separation is found, there is no longer a whole, and nothing complete or perfect.

40. But as long as imperfection reigns in life, the consequences must be endured by humankind, and these are disease, and misery, and injustice, and want, and conflicts, and controversy, and slavery, and false cults, and extortion that bleeds you to death.

41. So humankind must beware of all this and wake up. Only that which is eternal and imperishable is enduring, and is of truth and wisdom, for so say the Laws of Creation.










Postscript and Explanations

For a long time, the German translator of the scrolls of Immanuel, swathed himself in silence, and the publisher of the translation did not know why.

The riddle was solved on the 19.9.74 when he received a letter written by the translator on the 14.9.74 in Baghdad. This postscript is followed by a photocopy of the letter, wherefrom the reader can garner further details.

Due to the unexpected loss of the original scrolls, the only proof has unfortunately been lost, and furthermore, due to this the Arcanum- Talmud of Immanuel is no longer complete. Thus only 36 chapters have been collected, about three quarters of what the original manuscript contained.

Since the publisher, Eduard Meier, is more or less acquainted with the rest of the story of Immanuel, he did not want to keep from the reader a rendering of the most important points in rough detail.


-With his mother Maria, his brother Thomas, and his student Judas Iscariot, Immanuel travelled to northern India. On the way he preached in many countries, and had to flee often, since his speech was of a revolutionary type, therefore his journey took several years and involved severe hardships.

In what is today West Pakistan, far to the north, in the farthest foothills of the western Himalaya Mountains, his mother became very seriously ill and died, and Immanuel was then 38 years old. After the loss of his mother, Immanuel travelled onwards, and went over to what is today the Indian Kashmir, where he continued spreading his teaching. In this way he crossed a very large part of India, in the north of the country, where the ten tribes of Israel had settled.

When Immanuel was approximately 45 years old, he married a young and beautiful woman who bore him numerous children. Like every normal family father, he established himself and settled down in present day Shrinagar in Kashmir. From there he conducted numerous journeys and preached his new teaching again. At the age of 110 he died a completely natural death, and was buried in Shrinagar.

Judas Iscariot died at the age of 90, and was buried not far from Shrinagar.

But Immanuel`s firstborn son, who was called Joseph, continued writing the story of Immanuel, and left India after the death of his father.

On a journey lasting three years, he returned to the land of his father, and lived there till his death in Jerusalem. But he brought the original scrolls with him from India, and hid them in the tomb where Immanuel once had laid, he considered this place to be the safest.

As already mentioned in the foreword, the scrolls were later found there, of which 36 chapters, herewith, are passed on in translated form.


Hinwil the 20.9.74 Eduard Meier



























Poste restante

Head post-office

Baghdad the 14.9.1974



Dear friend Billy!


I`m very sorry, dear friend, that I have not written for so long and that I have not been able to send you more translations of the scrolls.

But the reason is that which I feared, and unfortunately it has come true. As I already told you, I expected that I would one day be persecuted because of the scrolls that were found, and now it has really happened.

I narrowly managed to escape, with my family, from Jerusalem and just now I am with good friends in Baghdad, but I cannot stay long here and must soon continue. Where to, has not yet been decided, but in the event, I will let you know.

I am being pursued by two different groups, to be specific, by Christians and by Jews, which could have been foreseen, since the scrolls are not exactly mild towards these two religions. Notwithstanding my successful escape, a misfortune has hit me, and there is nothing to be done about it. First I fled from Jerusalem to Lebanon, and stayed there in a refugee camp with my family, but the Jews found me there and they attacked the camp with the help of the military, killing many. I and my family, only narrowly avoided the massacre, and managed to flee. But as bad luck would have it, all the scrolls were lost, and therefore I no longer have them, but perhaps they have fallen into Jewish hands?

Oh yes-the Israelis later let it be known that they had conducted a punitive raid against the Palestinian rebels, but in reality they were after me and my scrolls, together with some people of the Christian

church, but because of the alleged punitive action, they could now keep secret, and falsify, the real reason and the end goal of their action.

Because of the loss of the original scrolls every proof is lacking, of how the New Testament in the Bible is a misleading lie, by which humankind is held hostage.

Dear friend, these are unfortunately the latest naked facts and I only hope the same thing will not happen to you and your family as to me. But at least you have 36 chapters of the Immanuel manuscript, and these pose an unheard of danger for Christianity, Judaism and even for Islam, and the other religions. May you therefore be careful, and see to it that at least this part of Immanuel`s teachings is not lost.

They are really much too valuable. I for my part, withdraw myself from all of this business, for I can no longer put my family at risk. Therefore, keep my name and other things secret in the event of a publishing of the translation, which I particularly ask of you, I know I can always depend on you, and I thank you for that. You will in any event hear from me, and I send you, from my family and myself, the warmest greetings.


Signature X X